Deborah Hunter Kells


Now that you are here! A little inside information!

I create. I research. I like to inspire. A wide range of interests is “my thing”. People surprise me and supplement my learning often.

I come from a background of a large family with a very “organized” and influential mother. My working background has been administration and then a variety of small business. I have been thankful to cover many industries and experiences.

Currently, I have had a Facebook page for over 5 years on Clothing styles – whether classic through to Bohemian. This includes locating clothing styles for the woman who is getting to know herself and to be happy where she may be. That does not discount striving for change or better things. Organzing is my thing too and I have a group I work with on Facebook called Practical Organizing & Virtual Assist


Health and Relationships

  • Morning
    Seize the thought - "New every morning"
  • Think on things
    Discouraging the "dis" of disablement
  • Angel
    How the pain from Estrangement can be eased
  • Vegan
    Now what were your Questions about being a Vegan?
  • Girl thinking
    Ways to include self-improvement in your life
  • Sunrise over Bay
    "What the hell did you do to get here?"


How to have better writing skills

How to have better writing skills

 Writing can be easy to execute but how to have better writing skills is a "work in progress". One prerequisite is that you love what you do. This will show by how or what you write about. You may find it easy to be inspired - but other times you need to re-cap,...

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