How to Guarantee an Organising meltdown with a Journal Planner

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An organising meltdown happening? Are you a paper person who loves lists?  Don’t use a Journal. For those stuck on Apps – explore further down where there seems evidence that we are made for some “paperwork”.

A Forgiving Organisational System

Instead use a Bullet Journal (or “BuJo”).  Plus it’s less expensive. Many laid-out organising plans come with buying a diary, planner or journal.  One of the hardest things to do is to be consistent and stick to an organised plan.

Officially the Bullet Journal is known as “a customisable and forgiving organisational system.” If self-discipline is an issue you don’t want the missed pages of a planner to stare at you in “judgement”.  Showing you where you lapsed for a month and did nothing. The Bullet Journal I’m sure you will find gives you a sense of freedom and thereby it will help you gain organisation much more easily.

Start at anytime and do it easy and slow.

A Bullet Journal is ideal for being able to change to what you like week to week or day to day. Start a new page and scrub the previous one in an artful and creative way. The sense of being able to change it at your whim and not be boxed into the lines and spaces of a set regime everyday is an advantage. You can also start at anytime of the year.  Finishing need not be in yearly formats. Date the front of the Journal. Start and finish dates is all you need to note. You can buy the special Bullet Journals with grids but my advice is start with a notebook and pen.  Number the pages at the bottom – a quick job but it’s how the Bullet Journal process starts. Starting easy and slow until you get into what is working for you before you outlay. Now that’s being economical.

Our Brain likes putting things on paper

Not everything works for everybody and many are looking at the paperless society as the way to go.  But our brain  seems to like our outpouring of pen to paper.  It does something that technology it seems lacks.  6 Psychological benefits of writing things down are * It helps you think bigger * You’ll learn more * You’ll remember more * You won’t be distracted * It frees up mental “RAM” * You’ll stay sharper as you age (See the link for more detailed explanation) There is even more than that – but you get the gist of it.

Doing it “our way”

My Bullet Journal inspires me by the way I can do my own system at my pace and take up as many pages as I want. It includes my day to day reminders & tasks. It includes portions of clips I keep and add in from magazines, mementos, art work, decorating (if I so desire) It is a running commentary in my hand writing of “life happenings”.  It’s great for collections of lists – Wish lists, Projects, Education notes, From when you sowed seed in the garden to health notes & tips.  Anything really.  Also it is very relaxing to actually sit down one afternoon and go through your past Bullet Journals.  This for ideas and inspiration for blog posts amongst many other things. You don’t need to spend a lot on a Bullet Journal either as you will see here

Girl writing in Journal

Pen to paper makes your brain think differently. Try the Bullet Journal

The Creator

Ryder Carroll the creator of the Bullet Journal calls it the analog system for the digital age. IF you want to be creative – just Google it.  But a warning – don’t get discouraged if you want to compare some of the sumptuous creative delights out there. Take it easy and slow. Not only will you have an easy, helpful, brain-helping way to journal but it will be calming too.

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