Reading great stories on Dragons and Fires

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Did you love reading when young and being read to? What about reading great stories? Here I have some reading on Dragons and Fires. Two Best sellers. Not only children but adults also get a thrill from the message from children’s books.

Combining reading on Dragons and Fires

Two stories reviewed are from the past. The third is now an Amazon Best Seller for children’s books. Congratulations to the author Val Blackburn!

About being unique and using it for good

A currently published book by Val Blackburn.  A story with a great message for children 4 to 7 years.  Val has named the book “Jasper the Fire Fighting Dragon”.  (Available from Amazon) To me, a book which helps your children understand that being different is special and can make us a “stand-out” — is an outstanding theme. We seem to all have struggled with this on occasions or even still do.  To give our children this very positive “better” education on how to see themselves can only do a lot of good.

Jasper was led to see how “his skill” rather than his difference ended up being a very positive thing.  Even though before realizing this he was sad and lonely. While reading this book –  whether to siblings, nieces, nephews, children or grandchildren –  you too –  like many, will relate to the story Val has presented in Jasper’s initial dilemma.

Best seller childrens book Purple dragon

Jasper the Fire Fighting Dragon


A story on life in the Australian Bush and Fire

“It was so hot I felt like I would melt like butter all over the kitchen floor.” 

So went words I recalled of a book I happened to pick up from a local library when young.  The book’s name never left me. These days we are aware a title means a lot on the internet. We have tantalizing headlines on short posts and longer articles.  The same with newspapers and magazine, their articles, and stories. With books too, titles have a place for giving you a prompt to look further. This book was named “February Dragon” by Colin Thiele (world-renowned South Australian Author).  (He was well-known famously for Storm Boy which was later made into a film.)

The story shares with you a group of children’s everyday happenings as their lives play out in the Australian bush.  This shown in the form of the harsh realities of the Australian bush is the bushfire called “February Dragon”. Aptly named after their one great family disaster.  A most creative and well-written book for children and adults alike. Be prepared for the highs and lows within this book’s covers.

A story about what was mistaken for fire

Would you or a parent remember this one? I smile at the following story remembered from Primary School. Happy Venture Readers (Grade 4) was the story’s source.

This one was about the fire that wasn’t.  Being called “The Nasturiums that were too proud for their boots” The title did not give you too much of a clue at my younger age.

Page of book

People running to a so called “fire”

It showed villagers rushing to put out a fire that “wasn’t”  So this short story ended up with a “pretty” ending.  At least viewing the “fires” of nature!Thanks to Barbara of March of Time Books for these pages of the Happy Venture Readers above

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