•  Ever been envious of those who seem to have money for anything they want?
  •  Never sure how you are going to make ends meet?
  •  Don’t know what to do with how you feel about what you lack in life?

Living a high class life on a low class income is a matter of perspective. Let’s see how.

Experience with the “High Life” or living a so-called a “High class” life

Fresh clean sheets greeted me at bed-time every day.  Daily new snowy-white clean towels graced my bathroom in an orderly display. A diligent housekeeper came in daily to have the apartment spick and span.  Staying high class was at one place $1,500AU or nearly $1200US per week.  Overseas travel was at an exorbitant price just for one night round trip! Any food I liked was on call.  Food was delivered whenever needed.

Wealth can often be not what it seems

The view within the penthouse environs was truly spectacular. I also lived on a waterfront Esplanade with splendid luxury waterfront views.  Any clothing I wanted was whatever I wanted. I remember the price (exorbitant) on an Italian wool top (*).  Eating out was organized at any time. Florist flowers graced my environment. Shops could be opened after hours if I wanted a treat if I so desired. Concerts and special star affairs were my “outings”.  People of so-called “fame” were in my circle. Something you envisage?

What I missed! in living this “High class” life.

There was a huge downside. My relationship was in no way workable. I was also helping someone in their business with values that I had begun to find untenable. The city environs “crushed me”. I experienced no spiritual growth. I yearned for the simplicity and loveliness of nature. Shows and concerts had their place – but I wanted “real” relationships and real communication with people I knew.

Life can be empty if value is put on material things

That Italian top (*)  – got eaten by “moths” (very pertinent message here in James 5:2 – Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes.)  – The message was not lost on me.  Though I ate at the highest realm of Restaurants and Hotels – nothing but nothing tastes like a home-cooked meal.  To me those types of meals were within the walls of a high class life. There is nothing like the sweet, fresh produce picked from a tree or a home garden.  To enjoy and partake of such well-cooked food with friends and family is pure delight.  I found it in stark contrast to those who chased wealth with an “unhealthy” attitude and who seemed in a rush to get rich. Theirs seemed to be a chase for an elusive happiness.

What you didn’t expect!

You may have thought I was first up going to give you physical tips on how to live that “high class” life on a low income. (More coming on future posts) Dear Reader from personal experience I can tell you – that you lose so much if your priorities are not in order with how you think.


  • Your attitude is without price and you cannot purchase it.
  • High class is a matter of perspective.
  • Low class is a matter of perspective
  • There is much you can do to live a wonderful quality of life on very little.
  • Simplicity is key. I will address that more on the physical level in future posts. (Wonderful ways to live in a thrifty well-thought-out way)
  • Do not envy! You don’t know what the grass is like on the other side.
  • Do not trample on people to gain what you think is an absolute must to be successful.
  • Account for your resources. If I looked into your life – I am sure I could count a multitude!
  • If you feel a lack- take stock of where you are right now. What you have and “hold”.
  • If you find it difficult to assess what resources you have contact me I may be able to help.
  • Remember you are unique – there is no one around you with the resources, knowledge, experience (good & bad) and reach that you have.
  • If you are finding it difficult to make ends meet 1) Don’t stress 2) Have Faith it will work out for good 3) Do everything you can to change your situation (knock down walls if necessary! – no not really – but you know what I mean). Prayer is a powerful tool to give peace of mind and give direction – it never needs to be treated lightly.
  • Remember there are those who have gone through the depression years – with only their background, their knowledge, their own resourcefulness, their own locality, and circumstances.  We can learn much from them.  They had much, much less than we did “in some ways”. Including no “internet”.

    Home grown produce is a luxury

  • If you are ill or handicapped or a very much older person – you can be thought to be in the “hard yards” arena.  Take stock – for you too have resources available to you.  There is around us – knowledge, experienced people, professionals, your own research. Start searching and don’t give up after any  hard bump
  • Even if you have “zero” – things can be changed. Don’t be discouraged. Be of good courage – there are solutions.


If you do put yourself into a low class or high class demographic (I do not), please account for the following.  There are High-class people who live low class and there are Low-class people who live High class. There is also something in-between. We are all making choices every day of our lives with what we have and have access to.  Making good and wise ones gives us a richness and a healthy peace of mind.

Until later!



Deborah Hunter Kells

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