This is some of my current Portfolio with Graphics that I have designed with a created Tagline.  Simplicity themed graphics – “not too busy” is more relaxing on the mind. I theme them as Promo Graphics for a variety of topics. Some are not pictured here – but I do have other samples to share if you want other ideas.

I like to know the business or person I am creating for. Their style, color likes and what industry they are in. I take into account also what it is that they promote and the style they would like to come across as. I do links with what idea is trying to be conveyed in the graphic. Lines and embellishments are all important at times – but usually, I find simple wins the day.

If you would like help or have any questions please Contact me I am more than happy to have you use me as a sounding board, for inspiration or any recommendations.

Some more samples I have completed are here. I also like to work on Headers, Facebook covers for groups and pages. Happy also here to work to a theme – with colors and picture placement being important.

I’d love to see what I can do for you and Thank you for looking! I hope you enjoy my current efforts. Unless otherwise indicated photos are from businesses I have worked for, my own personal photo library, Unsplash, and PIxabay.








Deborah Hunter Kells

I have a wide range of interests and the top of my list is people and relationships. I appreciate our big wide world and nature which tries so hard to deal with what we do to it. As noted you will find a variety of topics covered (see Home page) My appreciation goes to my team and others whom I collaborate with to make this blog successful and resourceful. Thanks especially to my team: Sarah, Tina, and Billah (See footer for more of their details)