Are routines getting the best of you?  You’re not making a hole in that mountain of work that you need to process? Nor in an orderly fashion? Let me tell you if you threw heaps of work at someone – they too would struggle. LIKE YOU.

Telling you to get up earlier, work harder, or change work tactics have a place but
aren't always what you want to hear. 

Consider these:
  • The Time of day

Education stimulates forth and comes in many forms Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

If you have gotten into reading online and elsewhere on success you would read the following. Get up “earlier”.  Falls on deaf ears to a night owl. Be happy that is what is currently working for you. If you think you need to change your time – do it. Slowly if you wish. Faster if it works for you. If not – work with what is currently working.

  • Speed

If you are doing physical work going more quickly does work – to a point.  Rushing a rose into blooming doesn’t work. If you are doing a blog post for example –  you may not do your best work. Unless – you want to quickly put down your thoughts and heavily edit later.

  • Look at work differently

Your attitude helps.  Not looking at what you haven’t done – does make a difference.  We are too used to a type of parental whine (inner voice) – “oh look you still have got to do this!”  We need a pat on the back  every so often.

  • Take time to review – a-la-  check what you are really getting up to.

To actually really look at what we are spending time on is something we can often forget. There are productivity apps that will keep you on the straight and narrow.  Do you get a shock or maybe not? – at where your time is going. You may need to spend a block of time on one project and put a time on that.  Just jotting on a note time started and finished works just as well. Try Toggl – an app that will show divisions of where your time is spent.

  • Less growth & development without a creativity stance

I have to admit I do go by this statement.  Routines have their place, but even they can be changed. I don’t want my creativity stifled. I work my routines around what I want to get done.  If it’s not important in 5 years it probably isn’t important. The dust bunnies have nothing to say and will understand this point of view.

  • Learning this negative word much better. No!

Well, you can say it in a nice way.  Do realize you make a great deal of difference using this word in your “life vocabulary”. It does change your life. Start to see – what or who you can say it to that makes the pile of what you are having to do a lot smaller and/or better.

You may need to see things differently  Photo by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash

  • You may need to change your direction

Things may not work out just currently for this to happen.  But Brainstorm  – all the ideas on paper that you may be able to do in your career, your home, your life. Brainstorm also with ways that you could do any of those. Don’t discount too many on that list.  They are helpful if you then discuss them with someone you have confidence in.

  • Look at what income you need

If you are on “Struggle Street” this can be an issue.  But don’t think you don’t have resources and freedom.  Do you know there are even (if you want an extreme) people who live without money?? I don’t mean that has to be your thing but don’t think you “need” something without assessment.  If your needs changed (and you do have some control) in some way – your life too can change.

  • Education

We can’t help being educated in all different ways with all the resources available to us. People, the outside world, books, practical experience, the internet, our work, Scripture. Keep this uppermost in your mind.

  • Have Faith

Whatever you see that you have Trust and take stock Trust in the Love of God who looks down at our struggles and issues and wants us to follow Him and His ways.  They are wise ways and will make us successful in a different realm than what I may envisage.

Make the change that makes the difference

Here I have mentioned the changes that make a difference to You. Changing You is all that can be done in the area of change.  Be kind to yourself. Your influence of a changed you – has an affect on others.

Remember in some ways you have disabilities, shortcomings and little education in many areas just as others do.  Therefore be kind to others.  In this, you can Make a Huge difference. This difference has an impact on others. Go out and make a great impact!

Deborah Hunter Kells

I have a wide range of interests and the top of my list is people and relationships. I appreciate our big wide world and nature which tries so hard to deal with what we do to it. As noted you will find a variety of topics covered (see Home page) My appreciation goes to my team and others whom I collaborate with to make this blog successful and resourceful. Thanks especially to my team: Sarah, Tina, and Billah (See footer for more of their details)

How to make the changes that make the difference