How to get inspiration and 25 ideas for Blog posts

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You have a mental block and can’t think of what to write? Your head seems empty, empty –  just empty of ideas? Don’t put off writing.  Do the following to find ideas:

  • Keep a very handy place (I do it in my Bullet Journal) to jot down things as inspiration does hit – mostly when you are doing something completely different. This is before the mental rut hits. Keep a handy notebook or use your phone to jot down ideas when you are out and about.
  • Don’t think ideas don’t have merit.  You are doing a mild “Brainstorm” as it were on your travels. Find inspiration all around you wherever you are as Grace Coddington is quoted as saying. Be aware of your surroundings and what they are telling you.
  • Talk to someone who is a friend, partner or family member for ideas. You might be surprised what they come up with.
  • Read other people’s blogs. There is a mine of information and you can piggyback or do a different spin on what you come up with. Don’t copy. Realise also that you are learning as you go. Don’t forget to pop ideas into that “bank” where you go when you “don’t know” what to post. Inspiration will come!



  1. Look at your reader’s comments – they can have ideas hiding in them.
  2. Join or look up Quora – much fodder for ideas on this platform. Pinterest too. Just remember to keep it to 1/2 hour blocks to give your brain time for thought and a rest.
  3. Think of why you started blogging.  Get inspired all over again.
  4. Create a list – people like lists – because it saves them having to look themselves!
  5. Note questions people ask online. You may just have that answer they are looking for.
  6. Collect people’s photos with permission for a post – on a subject close to your heart with links. ie Healthy Cupcakes, Cleaning the laundry with green products.
  7. Do you have an EBook? Promote it on your blog
  8. Start a poll – so as to get feedback from your audience
  9. Write up a how to.  There is always something that someone else doesn’t know.
  10. Right a good review of a book, a product, a service or a film
  11. Have a guest post
  12. Tell about places you have been to and enjoyed.
  13. Host a giveaway or a contest
  14. Like to write fiction? Post a short story and ask your audience for feedback
  15. Consider a link party for any reason and have others post their links to your post page  Try InLinkz
  16. Do a post on your bloopers or mistakes – everyone is human
  17. You should belong to Facebook groups with lots of bloggers.  If not do so. There is a wealth of knowledge out there.  Ask your group – what type of posts they would do if they hit a “blank wall”
  18. Do a post on what you do. Your work, your daily life.
  19. Recycle or upcycle past content
  20. Post about what your favorite meal is and how to put it together
  21. Put a list of comments (your favorites) and your answers to your audience
  22. Consider “A day in the life of –” Whether it be you, your grandmother or someone else you are related to.”
  23. Imagine a day in the life of someone notable that you have heard of.
  24. Share your past experiences – we all have them, and some of yours can help someone else
  25. Make up a list of gift ideas for certain people. Men, woman, children, work colleagues.

Up-date -I also located Tami from who has 150 ideas for your next blog post also! So that is more than enough to keep you going. Tami also has a great post on 5 ways to stay motivated to continue blogging

I have fewer problems coming up with ideas since I have chosen and written on having a No Niche Blog

Do explore the ideas under the niche you have. If you have chosen to go with a niche.  Remember also that many niche bloggers have interwoven lifestyle topics and personalized their blogs to a certain extent. This to keep them interested.  I say in my words Deborah don’t get “bogged with the blog”.

Stay inspired, have time out and come back to your blog – this is just a short time and you will be back on track.  If you find you aren’t getting back on track – really re-assess the motivation for your blog.  Are you helping others? Are you providing solutions? Are you happy with what you are doing? Is it something you can see yourself doing in 5 years time? I pray that you can solve these issues and would love to hear from you where you are at.

Deborah Hunter Kells

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