Oh Sorry! – There is absolutely NO Internet today!

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What if your internet was cut off?  How would you handle it?  Maybe more difficult if you are born after 1990? Consider the scenario.

There is absolutely no internet today!


No Facebook, No Email, No Pinterest, Oh and NO Google!  Just for a start.


You could see those of the older generation – particularly Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) who would take it in their stride (mostly). Out would come books, memories of what they did before having a quick easy way to do things like banking, ordering online etc. Maybe they might find the life of ease coming with the internet more difficult than they had supposed.  At least if it was more than a day.

Photo by Stefan-Stefancik Unsplash – The “net” has become an indispensable part of our lives.

I have been on the internet since 1998. 20 years – so it’s an anniversary for me. After a slow start, I got in the way of communicating and searching. Since I was homeschooling and doing things for our business I soon started to realize the impact. The capacity for engagement with others was huge.  As the internet became more and more in our everyday use the more it became indispensable.

BUT there is a downside to our dependency on the internet.  Our “time out” from technology has suffered. I recall when I was at a place with no internet handy for nearly 2 months.  I had access to a local library once a week. I will say I felt a bit like my right arm had been cut off.

Maybe it is a wake-up call for many of us since health can suffer because of our “sit down” activity.

Here are a few things to consider doing outside your internet time.

  • Have over 50 work free days a year. Have one day off each week and do “life”. Minus the internet.
  • Consider incorporating the Pomodoro Technique It talks about 52 minutes of work and a 17-minute break being the most productive. It’s worth a try and at the same time working on a break from your computer periodically if you find it difficult to take breaks. This way you can start to incorporate time free from the screen.
  • Have time out for doing “home” work. Use your housework as a fitness tool rather than something you delay doing because the “internet is calling”.
  • Gardening can be the most un-appreciated tool to give you health. It isn’t called the Ultimate Mind-Body work-out for no reason.
  • Don’t let your phone control your life. People will call back. Keep your phone in your car for emergencies. Instead, visit parks, community gardens, museums, art galleries. Take in concerts and shows. Visit markets and fairs.

    Photo credit Tyler Mullins – Unsplash Photos are good but don’t forget to experience “real life”

  • Take up a craft -which takes your undivided attention like jewelry, scrapbooking, crochet or knitting or sewing.
  • Incorporate date nights or family times weekly. Fun games, movie nights or crafts can make it be not necessarily expensive.
  • Get on a bus or train and go roving around your area and further afield.
  • Join a book club –  even if you have a Kindle for reading (we have two in the house). Enjoy the social aspect of meeting people to discuss something that takes a long attention span.
  • When you have a holiday – really have one.  Sure photos are good – but don’t over-do it. Make the most of your time away from the screen. Enjoy the scenery!


I recall about 10 years ago – flying from Melbourne to Brisbane and arriving at a girlfriend’s home.  Myself, my girlfriend and two other friends all sat down and started tapping away on our phones while sitting down.  Normally years before you would be talking to the people you had just met. My girlfriend looked up and exclaimed “Look! – What’s technology done to us all?” Yes – be aware –  and take time to do what the human beings were meant to do. Live life not just be elsewhere.

Until later!


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What if you found you had no interenet? Period. What would you do without it?
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