The cool sea air whipped my tied back hair into my face as I waited expectantly to board the Sea Link Ferry from the Pt. Jervis terminal.  The distance across was 16 km (10 mile) over the sea channel to Kangaroo Island. I eyed warily  the bold yellow and black sign that said “Beware Snakes”. It was displayed prominently down at where the water lapped at the terminal underpins.


Comfy seating on the Sea Link Ferry to Kangaroo Island

Snakes and I did not mix and I kept a keen eye on the sprawled collection of rocks amongst the lapping water. I wanted to make sure there was no “over-keen” snakes thinking of coming up to surprise me while I sat awaiting our ticket collection. We had breakfast of Hot Chocolate for me, Coffee for hubby and Villi’s famous pasties.


The Sea Link Ferry I was on coming closer to the shores of Kangaroo Island

The trip was on an unseasonably cool Summer day. I was rugged up with 2 layers of clothing with a rain jacket on top and a scarf. Amazing weather for South Australia for Summer.

Once boarding and finding seating on comfy brilliant blue I eyed my travelling companions. Many were holiday-makers in relaxed mode. Only a few looked as if they were on a work commute.

We looked out the window keen to “experience” our new adventure.

Aboard the Ferry to Kangaroo Island

We had a day with a South East wind so the over-head crew informed us. My stomach had a little turmoil at the first unexpected “bounce” from the waves with “white caps” atop.  The choppiness – both myself and hubby were quite at ease with after those first few bounces of the sea “making itself known”.

Garden at Penneshaw

Not so for quite a few around us. There were white paper bags provided under the window for any feeling the need to vomit. Quite a few people had hold of bags. Another lot laid back with eyes closed so as not to feel the riding waves. Their faces had look similar to a very pale shade of “sickly clay”. A few passengers were making their way down the path between the seats and a few faltered and hit seats. One lady fell into our seats as she couldn’t keep her balance.  We learned on the trip back the next day – to sit at the back of the Ferry. Ah! – Knowledge is a wonderful thing!

Within the allotted time we were soon drawing into the mooring place of Kangaroo Island. There was a big throng of people happily tottering down the gangplank. I could smell the salty air – fresh with vibrancy and was glad to have my feet once more on dry land.

My First Experience

My first experience of Kangaroo Island was not just the coast but the lack of commercialism

A French ship hugging the shoreline at Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island

Also the expanse of the island’s variety of vegetation and the friendliness around me.  The island is said to be 155 km (nearly 100 miles) long to 55 km (about 35 miles) across.  It is Australia’s third largest island. We went through the “rural feel” of American River and Parndana,   We spoke to people, shopped and stayed overnight at Kingstcote, explored the coast, looked at a large French ship “hugging” the harbour at Penneshaw.

I spoke to two French girls who worked on the ship and tried out some of my learned French. One of the girls said I was good but I think she was being nice – we laughed together anyhow.


Contential Breakfast was had at the Kingscote Island Motel

Where we ate

  • At the Lighthouse Cafe – where I enjoyed a vegie burger.  The service was a little slower than expected – but the work was put into the product and a little sign warned us that it might take longer to get our meals.
  • At the Queenscliffe Family Hotel  The surrounds were old feel – but to me that adds to the charm of the place. I had a lovely Vegetarian Lasagne.  The atmosphere was cosy and the meal satisfying and of good quality. It took over half an hour to get our meal but there were quite a few people ahead of us and the food was worth waiting for.
  • A plentiful Continental Breakfast was included in the cost of accommodation at Island Motel Kingscote.  While this Motel is going to be completely re-furbished we were happy with the resources provided, the cleanliness, the staff and the overall atmosphere.
  • Next we had a lovely lunch at Penneshaw Hotel  “Known as the Penny”. It is said that is is the only place where you can eat or drink and have a look back at Australia over Backstairs Passage. Vegetarian wasn’t on the menu so I had some fish with salad. (for any of those who have a Seniors card in South Australia –  a less expensive 3 course meal is on Monday through to Thursday). The view from the window across Backstairs Passage where we sat was superb.  Though the sun had started to break through for the day and though it was tantalising to sit outside – the wind was still a little brisk.

—-A tree most artfully done. Local Kangaroo Island Honey—-

Where we shopped

We wondered down the main street and came across this tree that had been artfully featured on the front of a shop. The tree was sticking out from the bottom (Styrofoam is used I am told – I hope I have the spelling correct) so as to give a three dimensional effect. The rest of the tree wound it’s way half way across the shop. Artfully surprising!

—-Settlers bears – so attractive. Soy candles—–

We spent half a day searching for gifts for friends and family.  There were three shops with many and varied gifts and accessories.  I certainly did not get to explore all of those three as they had numerous things available.  We came across Kangaroo Island honey which is organic and available from the pristine conditions they have. We secured some for a friend and a good size jar for ourselves as well.

I was happy to hear that the biggest Gift Shop Kingscote Gift Shop the shop owner  said that the majority of bears that they secured to sell in the shop were Made in Australia. They also had a lot of other products produced locally or Made in Australia.  I think lots of countries in our world are seeing advantages of supporting their own local industries. Overall I saw many quality products in this gift shop as we frequented the most.

One doll caught my eye. It was $120.00AU or $95US. I am a sucker for words of inspiration, wisdom and things that build-up.  It said (pictured below) Love (over the heart) Unleash your Joy.  Be Yourself. Embrace Vulnerability. Ask for what you Need. Believe in the Power of Kindness. Listen to Forgiveness. “Enough said”. I say.

—- A special standing doll. A multitude of coloured candles —–

We spent some time looking at a plaque of Matthew Flinders who discovered and named Kangaroo Island, the landscape and terrain and some of the Bays and water spreads. The wind softened at times but we were very aware of the smell of the salt air. Delicious actually!

Our time came to pack and get ready to go back to the Sea Link Terminal and go back to the Mainland.  I had a bottle of water with the title Kangaroo Island Pure Rain Water – with the inscription atop “Heaven Sent”  Since we had been asked to do an errand over at Kangaroo Island out of the blue  – yes it was “Heaven Sent”.

Good bye! – Kangaroo Island


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