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“Regular Clothing Feature”

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I guess I am a natural fibre clothing “snob”.  But I like to think that preferring less clothing of better quality and fabrics that are breathable is something I’m happy with.  I was set on thinking of silk, cotton, linen, flax, wool, bamboo and mohair to be on my naturals “list”.  Then after working in a Clothing shop the year before last I came to know of natural Cellulose products which are also breathable IE Rayon and Viscose.

NOTE: Now and in future posts, I promote Clothing Styles Worldwide since my audience is such. I will normally have links (but sometimes just to the main business page)  so you can check where items are available from. Please note this post contains no affiliate links.  (GI See Disclosures)  

Looking closer at clothing

I was a teen earning money from babysitting and working at a Coles store. I loved putting my money into buying new clothing. I never looked too much into what the fabrics were made of.  I must say that in the 1970’s in the woman’s clothing stores I frequented “synthetic” was a big thing. Like a lot of us with little clothing education, I never thought that if we throw something synthetic away – it is not “gone” just somewhere else in our environment.

Later in life comes the knowledge that a type of slavery may be involved. This with cheaper items of clothing is made where wages are dismally low.  I’m sure the issue is more complex than this and reading Alden Wicker’s article 14 Sustainable and ethical Fashion myths that need to die has some very good points.  For example, did you ever think there are too many second-hand clothing items? That Fast Fashion falls apart often very quickly and may not be a gift?  That getting away from polyester might be more difficult than you thought? That even natural fibres use chemical processes?

You can be a purist when it comes to natural fibres but there is an element of synthetic somewhere in our closets- we can only do the best we can do.

Sometimes you will be:

  • Supporting local
  • Supporting the environment and sustainable choices as much as you can.
  • Supporting small business
  • Supporting re-use of items by selecting pre-loved and vintage.
  • Supporting Fair Trade
  • Supporting the re-use of things in your wardrobe/closet by re-purposing and recycling

If you can do even some of these partially or aim to – I think you aiming at a “good thing”.

Making choices

So what did I do with my choices? I approached over 600 businesses over 5 years to post photos and links on my Facebook Clothing Styles page I came across quite a number supporting the use of natural fabrics, supporting local industry. Some (most) were small business or made sure they were supporting businesses with ethical standards. Some were re-purposing and/or vintage.

Here are three (of my first) Clothing Businesses featured in this regular “Clothing Styles” Feature:

Mohair Knitted sweater

Tanya in Brilliantly hued Sweater

Tanya from Super Tanya seems to me to be the “Mohair Queen”.  She has a never-ending variety of mohair products, of which I have three. Her bed socks, mittens and hat.

She offered to send me her product to check out her quality. (GI – See Disclosures) Winter time sees me donning both mittens and hat.  The mohair socks are given the most wear.  I have had her gifts for nearly 3 years now and I think the socks have gotten 6 years of walking since I am a barefoot walker inside the house and it is surely very cold sometimes! I asked her to send whatever colour she liked over – and I received a nice soft pink.

I notice now that Tanya has nearly 3,000 premium hand-knit products all handcrafted with care in Europe.

I know that some would think that Mohair might be itchy. I have not found it so.  It is said to drape well and to resist shrinking and wrinkling. Tanya includes instructions for Mohair care with her items. I pop my mohair items into a bra zipped washing bag and put it on a gentle washing cycle. Tanya does custom sizings – so there are items that fit anyone.

Super Tanya’s Etsy store


Silk and bamboo clothing

— Silk and Bamboo are great Eco friendly choices —



I have an email (I checked the date) from March 2009 when I first heard from Ann of then “Simply Silk” that I had won a prize for a competition I had entered for a silk scarf. I had the choice of either black or pink. I chose pink and was in love with the quality. (Silk is my thing!).  I had no Style page at that time (not till 2012) and was surfing the net for natural fibre items when I came across Ann’s competition.

Since then I have presented Ann’s items on my Clothing Style page and also seen her enlarge to include Bamboo products as well.

Silk is much in demand and supply can’t keep up and I note that the price has taken a goodly rise because of this.

I haven’t had a bamboo product from Ann but have come across lots of Bamboo items in my forever checking out what is available around me. Love the feel!  Since Bamboo is said to be one of the fastest growing plants and very drought tolerant you can see why it would be right up there for being “eco-friendly.”  A very soft fabric against the skin and wonderful if you happen to have items made of this lovely fabric.  Locate Ann of “Simply Silk”

Here is another store called The Unique You where Kim prides her dedicated family business on reputable brands – supporting well-made locally sourced companies.

Rayon Clothing Plus sizes for curvy ladies

The Unique You prides itself on having models that model Plus sizes and they stock Size 14 through to 26

Here I use a Quote from The Unique You’s website:

We showcase the Australian owned brand Kita Ku, but are always looking for fashion that our customers want. Our first preference is to carry Australian owned brands, these include Advocado Plus, PassionQ, 17 Sundays, Sonsee woman, Samaya Moods, Goddess on the Go, Bagira the Brand and RTM which is not only Australian owned but also manufactured here in Australia. These brands do utilize ethical manufacturing and produce mainly with natural fibres, in sizes 14 through to 24, although the 17 Sundays and Sonsee brands do cater up to a 26 – 28.

My biggest “like” with Kim’s business is that she stocks larger sizes for the curvy lady.  Many of which flatter the larger figure  To me this is a “real plus”. As well that the clothing is modeled by curvy “fashionistas”.

On my clothing page, I often hear – girls are too thin or not representing what is often the norm. I find they have valid points and I am glad to find that “The Unique You” is working to make a difference in this realm.

I might add also that Kim does bring in overseas clothing due to customer demand as needed.

To the left – above here: Kim is wearing a Orientique Raza Red Kimono


Now and Future posts

You will see that I write for both USA, Europe, Australia and all other countries in-between.  USA – has far out-stripped other countries – but my Australian heritage shines through with Australian businesses that I will present every so often.  The Made in the USA will feature in later posts Girls! – just wait and see.

I hope you look forward to my regular Clothing feature. I am also getting together more personalized pages of people sending their photos in. If you would like to do so – but are shy – consider – showing – hands, side profile, bottom half, or even any accessories you particularly like.  I will be featuring Bohemian through to Minimalism, Classic, Chic and the like.

I look forward to hearing from you whether you are aged 29 through to 80.  These were the ages of women who considered themselves mature. This from a Question I asked 3 years ago and got a huge response on my Clothing Style page.    If you are outside of this category – you are welcome too!



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