Is the older woman becoming more visible?

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Did you know the first woman I came across on my Clothing Styles Facebook page who considered herself mature was 29 years old? I also spoke to half a dozen women in their 80’s in this poll. They also put themselves in this “mature” category So what do you think mature is anyway? Plus is the mature woman becoming more visible? For her attitude and what she deems good to wear in our current way of thinking in society as it stands.

What do you think is mature anyway?

The Merriam Webster defines it as “Slow careful consideration. Having completed natural growth and development. Having attained a final or “desired state”. “Mature wine”  Mature maybe pertinent when thinking of wine. But let us also consider “desired state”.

So many women I have found on my over 5 years with responses on my Clothing page are not shy with their opinions. They will say it is pertinent that they feel that the shackles come off.  They also now feel that they have the freedom to be who they are and express themselves as they wish.  “They become more visible.” Not less.

It is an attitude. For sure you will come across ageism or other people’s ignorance. But the woman who works towards a desired state is happy in herself and with herself  With who she is, what she wears and her responses in her society. I will be featuring many of these women and their individuality regularly. If you would like to be featured please do go to my Contact page and message me. I will present themes from Classic, Chic, Bohemian, Vintage and more.

This pictorial post needs no explaining.  The women show who they are by the 
expression in what they wear and how they wear it. They are happy in that. Woman choose all 
different styles for different reasons. They are no longer  teenagers where they have to follow "the crowd". The older woman becoming
 more visible sits well with them.
 As Catherine from Not dressed as Lamb says "#IwillwearwhatIlike".

Tell me as an older woman – what do you like to wear?


Annie resplendent in a Black jacket

<img src=”28109483_10213765140901060_249409842_n.jpg" alt=”Woman in blue dungarees and floral top”>

Marcelle showing style in blue dungarees with a floral top

Connie with Bright touches of pinks and lovely detail

Becky looking coolly casual & chic

Bella saying it in “red” with flair Instagram @Stylista2020

Peggie showing her elegance in black with pearls

Michelle showing some great casual style  Instagram @quirkyinmidlife

Bella saying it with blue & black  Instagram @Stylista2020

Marcelle showing her outdoor casual flair & charm

Comfy relaxed dressing by Barbara B at the seaside

Annie with drama coloring in her short-sleeved dress

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