I love working with different subject detail to make the most of Graphics. Whether this is in Social Media (Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) or Pictorial Facebook Covers for Groups and Fan pages for example. Yes, Promo Graphics are my “thing”. Do you need help?

Want a “word splash”?  or even a “Topic Touch” For any type of Social Media?  I can come up with a variety of ideas that link to your topic. Do feel free to suggest what you would like to convey and I am happy to work in with you. I am open to suggestions outside of Social media Graphics too. Here are some more samples I have completed as well.

In all my work I aim for “Simplicity themed”.  Yet I do aim to convey the message through color detail and the tagline message.  Any questions or need help? Please do contact me

Ceramic planter with Ivy on Bench Top Promo Graphic

“Word Splash” or “Topic Touch” Promo Graphic                     Photo Credit Deborah Hunter Kells

Sport woman stretching Sports shoes and weights Food

Facebook Cover for Golden Lifestyle Club  Postive Mind   Positive Vibes   Positive Life

Women and Fashion accessories

Facebook cover – Get some Style Ideas – Photos used with permission Credit: Not dressed as Lamb / Tamera BeardsleyKome Clothing

Women holding banner

Facebook Cover – for Kim of Holistic Health Tips Images were provided.

Koala in tree Garden trees geranium

Facebook Cover I love Australia Photo Credit: Deborah Hunter Kells

Women Fashion Clothing

Facebook Cover – Women’s Buy Swap Sell Group

Woman reading Bible Open journal

Facebook Cover – Christian Bullet Journaling BuJo

Girl with goats outdoors

Facebook Groups & page post

Butterly on pink and yellow flower next to jewelry

Facebook post – Magnolia &  Vine  http://www.magnoliaandvine.com/JustSnapItNGo

Surprised woman with adaptable handbag

Facebook post – Magnolia & Vine – Versa Bag  http://www.magnoliaandvine.com/JustSnapItNGo

Men rowing in boat

Instagram post – Small things add up to big things for our earth!

Autumn Leaves with words Pray Big

Facebook post – Pray Big

Mini pieces of Jewelry

Facebook Post – Dream in Delicate – Magnolia & Vine – Snap It Mini-collection  http://www.magnoliaandvine.com/JustSnapItNGo

Handbags Woman with flowers

Facebook Post –  A Versa Handbag from Magnolia & Vine  http://www.magnoliaandvine.com/JustSnapItNGo

Girl Awake under sheet

Facebook Post  LISTEN! it’s the Weekend

Yellow flower

Pinterest Post – Pin Creation needed?                                        Contact Me deborah@deborahhunterkells.com                           Photo Credit Raewyn Adam in my Garden

Deborah Hunter Kells

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