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The plan for a simple growing garden Wedding was the goal for us. This was the second marriage for us both also. My husband had a background in Rodeo and horses on stations. He has a love of the outdoors.

My future husband was happy if I came in riding gear to our Wedding if I had wanted. I had no such background so I smiled at that thought.  But I did change into riding gear for my going away clothes and we incorporated different items to bring the theme in.

All my girlfriends screeched. “A dress -it has to be a dress!”. My main bridesmaid picked out a dress within 5 minutes of pulling up to a store with me. Amazingly it fit perfectly. Only the train had to be altered. It was a new dress from a City costume hire. Some who were at the Wedding, later said I looked like “Miss Kitty”.  

Under the shade of our mango tree we were married (C) Raewyn Adam

I was just happy to be getting married. I wore some black because of some family I experienced sorrow with. And a pearl drop on a choker at my neck – since that is represented by my birth month.

The color of my dress was a mauve or lavender which being is a mixture of blue and red. Red being love, passion, romance, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, radiance, and determination.Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith. More information I found on color here

I note that the Johnny Jump up’s which I grew for my Father who couldn’t be there (he was having an operation) and my stepfather who was too far away at the time – had colors represented in the flowers. My father was with me through the ceremony from his hospital bed listening on his phone. The dark purple of the Johnny Jump-up was my bridesmaid’s stole and the other lighter purple was my dress. I like “linking”. So in the planning for the wedding were things that had “meaning” for us both.

Johnny Jump-up (Hearts-ease) (C) Raewyn Adam

My main thought with planning the simple garden was to have it up and running in 6 months.

This is what was included:

  • A round garden with herbs and flowers of different heights. This included – mustard greens, lemon balm, shallots, sage, celery, lettuce, candytuft, onions.

    Amongst the corn and cosmos in our Wedding Garden (C) Raewyn Adam

  • Cosmos flowers since not only did they grow well but they were the main part of my bouquet that I carried. Cosmos stands for “Harmony”. I also “borrowed” Ivy which was also the name of my husband’s mother who had passed away when he was quite young. Ivy stands for “Faithfulness”.
  • I chose to grow cornflowers in memory of my Grandmother and Four O’clocks for all my siblings which we remembered from our childhood home. As noted earlier I grew Johnny Jump Ups to represent my father and stepfather. I also popped in Forget me not for all those in my family that I did not have flowers for in my memory garden. I grew Ireland Bells for our Irish Ancestry. Sweet William for a name in my father’s family. Honesty I grew in barrels at our entrance to our acreage.
  • I had garden potting of Petunias in pinks and whites – one of my mother’s favorite flowers. I also popped some hanging on the clothesline
  • We made use of what we had to hold the ceremony under – an old mango tree with a macadamia tree nearby. We had the use of our outside white wrought iron table to sign wedding documents.
  • Cosmos featured strongly in the main garden as noted above – but it was inter-mixed with many vegetables including:
  1. Corn
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Beetroot
  4. Potatoes (My grandfather was an Irish potato farmer!)
  5. more Mustard greens
  6. Snow peas
  7. Silverbeet
  8. Kale
  9. Mignonette lettuce
  10. Salad greens
  11. Nasturtiums (we used these on salads too – not just decorative)
  12. Sweet Alice
  13. Loofah
  14. Zinnias
  15. Dahlias
  16. Wild Pansy

    White Petunia in our Pot plants – one of my mother’s favorite flowers (C) Raewyn Adam

  • For the climbers, we put up vertical trench mesh.  This also gave some height to the garden since it was on flat ground. The plus with the garden was it was bordered on two sides by Koala sanctuary. Koalas often made themselves known -, particularly at night time.
  • We put in a little 3 piece waterfall with fittings hidden under the ground. It was delightful and given to us with a little Chinaman water carrier.
  • We had someone who had a shed next door with a tractor. They brought a fallen gum tree to put as a border for the garden and to give some height to one edge.
  • Since it was a Country and Western theme we had saddles, bales of hay and American Indian sculptures and canvas.

We asked for people not to give gifts but give of what they wanted for our Wedding:

This is what was given:

  • A Country and Western band came out to give of their time for the afternoon
    Bride with wedding gown and bouquet

    Carrying my simple bouquet of ivy and cosmos


    Holding my Bouquet of Cosmos and Ivy

  • Different people donated all the food – including savories, salad, and dessert
  • A retired Chef did the cooking
  • Someone donated drinks
  • The Bridesmaids wanted to pay for their own choice of clothing
  • A blind man offered use of his car for the Wedding. (He owned the car but people would chauffeur him around if you are asking why he owned a car. )
  • Decorations were organized by a friend and what was not bought was used from the garden.
  • A friend who was a cake maker made our Wedding cake
  • Someone loaned old wagon wheels for the event
  • An artist drew some cowboy murals
  • A minister offered to do our ceremony

The main foundation of our vows:

LOVE IS patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. Love does not demand it’s own way. Love is not irritable and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged. It is never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, endures through any circumstances. New Living Translation. ! Cor 13: 4-7

Plus this was read out because my husband also has a deep respect for the heritage of the North American Indians while visiting reservations on two trips to the USA.

Apache Wedding Prayer Text

Apache Wedding Prayer


I have covered under my post how to start planning a blissful garden retreat details of other things to consider when planning a garden retreat.

We had the loan of a Wagon Wheel for our Wedding (C) Raewyn Adam

I will have future garden posts of gardens we have covered in our marriage of 10 years since we have had a few diverse gardens.


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