Are you Homeschooling and loving it? or not?

Maybe you felt a huge pull because your child was being bullied and it was the only way to change the situation.  Maybe you have a sick child. Maybe you did your research and felt it was better for your children. Maybe you knew couples who were homeschooling and you were impressed. For whatever reason, you decided or do decide to homeschool there are challenges. (I speak in hindsight and now as a Grandparent)

Why I first started

I started Homeschooling informally in the 1990s when there was a lot more pressure when doing something “different”. I had a variety of reasons for doing so – but my first reason was when I met a couple who were doing so. They introduced me to a book by Dr. Raymond Moore called “Better Late than Early.” Dr. Moore in other publications was introduced as being the Pioneer of the Homeschooling movement. His attitude struck me as being fair, just and downright common sense. 

What if I missed something?

There was a part of homeschooling I believed I failed in until much later. I was forever wondering if I had taught my daughter enough. What had I missed? There seemed so much that I could teach her when I did more and more research. Dr. Moore’s words about all of us having a gap in “our education” somewhere didn’t alleviate my stress. I didn’t seem to be able to drop the thought “What if I missed teaching something?”  

Having a Home School mentor.

Having a mentor to help me through would have been of utmost help. But the homeschooling arena was a new one and I only knew my peers who were going through homeschooling the first time themselves. Each had their own struggles and problems. I found if anything I was giving advice to others while having other issues myself. I didn’t feel confident in my own abilities. I struggled with dealing with my Home scene, my Church needs, my efforts in our Home Business and my own self-care needs. A mentor would have been extremely helpful. I remember during that time I read a short article about older homeschoolers in the USA on a panel and giving advice. Their words resonated with me. They said Relax, relax, relax.

Young Girl

Home Schooling is a “High Calling” Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash

At that time I wish I had that panel in “my back pocket”!  But through some of those “hard times” I knew that God was teaching me many things including my limitations and that my need was to have Faith that things would work out.

Burnout is real

I realized much later in life that I suffered burnout also, sadly. If I had known then what I was suffering I would have in some way found ways to alleviate it. I would have said “no” more often. I would have had a time-out from just being a mother and instead would have made time to just be “me” I would have realized that you can’t “do it all”. Self-care, after all, is so very important – and particularly for mothers who choose to Home School. It is, after all, a full-time job in some respects. Remember the difficulties if you have a home business as well. If you must do it – try to have a preparation period to start with. Give yourself some slack.

Did I do the best I could?

Without a doubt, I can say that I did. We can all look back over the past and think of what might have been. But knowing you have done the best you can do – even on your worst days gives you a sense of feeling okay. Would I do the same again? Well, you can’t put a wiser head on younger shoulders. So let’s just say that it was a period of learning more about life and how you pass that onto your child. They themselves have to learn that life and you aren’t perfect.

Don’t put guilt on yourself if you don’t feel you are doing the best you can do. Review your situation and makes changes where you see change needs to be. Talk to someone who understands. Hopefully, someone who has been through what you have been through and can be a welcome listening ear. Plus someone who can also give input where needed.

Enjoy the good things about Home Schooling

There can be many:

  • Your children get to see more of their parents
  • Your children get to learn a lot more “real” life skills.

    It is wise to take advantage of the many benefits of Home Schooling and make time for those special moments. Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

  • Doing things such as Data entry for your Business now counts as maths for Home Schooling!
  • You get to know where your child’s education is at.
  • It is less costly
  • You can change what is planned for the day if something comes up
  • You can teach Spiritual things and values with ease to your child
  • Doing Homeschooling is very diverse and since you have your children with you they get to go out into the community and interact.
  • You can holiday at any time of the year.
  • Predominantly it is found Homeschooled children perform better when tested
  • There is an avoidance of negative things such as drugs, some socially negative effects etc. Waiting till they are more emotionally mature so they are better able to make better-informed choices is a good thing.

The Benefits of “learning” in Society while Home Schooling

My favorite thing to include in my Home Schooling was inter-action outside the home. It was a good thing organizing people from other walks of life and having that interaction. I remember a School Principal (a family friend) going over my application to the Education Department. He said that no Primary School teacher could cover all that was to be included in our Home School. I do wish I had taken that more to heart and realized I was covering a lot more ground than I realized.

I spent some time putting together  an EBook called 50 Things to know About planning a Home Schooling Excursion. I go over the things I had learned and what to include and types of educational items that are of benefit. It is written in hindsight with stressing of not to put too much on your “plate”.

Remember your Home School is Unique

Your homeschool consists of a family with its own way of doing things. Children don’t come in cookie cutter styles. They don’t learn at the same rate, with the same attention or the same interest.

Provide many opportunities for hands-on real-life education. This can help your child to find out more about what they aspire to and can fill their mind with dreams of what they can achieve.

[bctt tweet=”Provide many opportunities for hands-on real-life education. This can help
your child to find out more about what they aspire to and can fill their mind with dreams
of what they can achieve.”]

Present these varieties of life lessons whether formal, hand’s on or creative with a relaxed attitude. It will pay dividends.

And so ……

Your children are priceless and so worth your time. Don’t rush it!

Two Girls reading outside

Life is a never ending “teaching tool” Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Take hold of that precious time that is so valuable to them. Time is fleeting and you will be so glad you did slow things down to make the most of them. Don’t include too much in your day.

You are not a Supermom. Just a very normal loving one.


NOW – here I have feedback from Karina Roux – a  home school mum with her experience.

Hi Deborah,

Chronicles of a Homeschool Life were created with the intention to connect with fellow homeschool families in our journey.

Homeschooling started only a few years ago with us. This has been the best, hardest and most valuable challenge I have ever faced. My children were pulled out of a private school for a bad case of bullying. It took us a year to overcome the negative effects. But we have accomplished this.

Chronicles of a Homeschool Life are my personal journals of all our findings. We cover information from snacks, sleeping patterns to how a child is learning and more. I am not a teacher, have no training in Child psychology or Early Childhood education. I have the best interests of my children at heart. I want my children to THRIVE. All information is how we found it, how we applied it to our lives, how it worked for us and how we came to think because of it.

When writing my articles, I imagine myself in the eyes of who is reading what I have to say.  I know now – since I am experienced – that I had need of one thing. This would be to have all the information in one place.

Throughout the years – I read and read, and asked questions. I never really found the answers I wanted at first.  I started reading country blogs and also studies to find answers. Here I found how education is presented in different countries. Also how children learn and what are they expected to learn throughout the years.

I am known where I am in my community to really think outside the box. My main focus is a child’s comprehension. Learning does not need to be done sitting at a table going through books and books. My oldest loves to work standing up and my youngest loves to be outside. We adapt and apply to the best of our knowledge so everyone can learn. I can say that as a mother I have learned a great deal and enjoy imparting that to my children and inspiring them to learn in such a way that it works and works well.


A big thank you to Karina for filling us in with her experience.

If you don’t Home School? Maybe you know of someone considering doing so. If you think this article may be helpful – you could forward it through to them. 

Deborah Hunter Kells

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