17 ways you can really love downsizing your home

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Downsizing your home? Do you wonder how you are going to fit everything into a smaller house? Can you love doing it?

Let’s count the ways! 

  1. You will have less housework.  Keeping a smaller home clean is time efficient – it can even be cut well in half or even more depending on what size you have chosen.
  2. It will cause you to have a large purge or de-clutter. Ah – the de-clutter time. Now we know how much we do collect and sometimes don’t even use. Now is the perfect time to keep only the “necessary” things in life. There will be heaps to sort through. Get a friend or an organizer to help.
  3. It will cost you less to maintain. The different amount of wall space to paint, the number of windows to curtain. The less number of items all up.
  4. You will need less of everything. Now, this is a good time to really get into what you really need – whether in clothing, housewares, and everyday stuff. You will learn to exist with less and smaller items.
  5. You are helping the environment – therefore having less impact. Particularly since your home took less material to build. Feel “guiltless”.
  6. It is no bother to have guests – there are easy ways to make room on the rare occasion that you have people over. There are ways and means to have a party and have fun doing it in a smaller area with a more casual approach.
  7. You will learn to be more creative – and that is a good thing. Making your new “spot” a home get’s your mind in gear for your new projects and how to make it habitable. There are ways to put in storage spaces and items which do “double duty”.
  8. Re-modeling or re-decorating will cost less.  Plus you can afford more expensive – quality items. You will also have boundaries to work to. Instead of filling “needless” spaces as in a bigger house – you will have built-in limits. The cost is lower to do a seasonal make-over.
  9. You will learn “simplicity” and therefore to live simply. This gives your mind a form of “peace”. Minimalism is in and helps us now be “in”.
  10. Less debt or less rental fees and paying less adds up to a good thing! Think what you can use that extra money for.
  11. If you wish to sell and change homes – it will be less expensive – You will have a wider market to sell to also.
  12. You will have more time to do those things in life that are really important. As you gain wisdom you will see that up-keeping of a large home isn’t.
  13. More energy efficient – since they are smaller to run in both hot and cold weather. Lower utility bills is always a “winner”.
  14. The family feels closer in a small space. Whether you have a family or the two of you – the space you live in does make a “bonding” difference. You even get on better together. If it’s time out – you can go out or spend time outdoors.
  15. You can afford to buy in a better neighborhood since you will have more options. There are some hot property options if you go smaller.
  16. It will help you in being tempted to hoard! Less room so less temptation. Plus there are so many things you don’t need.
  17. Insurance will cost you less and any property taxes. Smaller works out well when it costs less for where you live.

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When you move to a smaller home –

  • Has your home got enough cupboards?
  • Is floor space something you need to plan for in some rooms?
  • Can you see ways to incorporate some “new” space-saving items?
  • Do you have an issue with waiting awhile before making a decision about what you want once you see the “need”?


Colorful functional living area

You may have a small area – but work on making it functional and attractive                                Photo Credit    http://4betterhome.com

Downsizing to a small apartment-

Image via Pixabay

Small studio apartment

Photo credit 4betterhome.com  Don’t think of small as limiting. Bring creativity together to make a flowing environment

Small bedroom with mirror

Photo credit 4betterhome.com   Bedrooms might be smaller but they can be cosy and comfortable

When or if you decide to down-size whether a rental or buying – don’t let it limit you. Be ingenious and find ways to deal with “different” spaces. It can take a bit of adjustment to a different sized area – but you can get excited about the difference and love the way you choose to take up “less room”.


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