How Seasonal Color Analysis can reveal your True beauty

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An Introductory guide to Seasonal Color Analysis

My topic today is a revelation into the world of color and I would agree has a reveal into your true beauty and it’s relationship to our outside world!

Joan and Cathy I read, with real interest your eBook, “An Introductory Guide to Seasonal Color Analysis” by both of you.  I am quite taken with the idea that you write about Designer and Color Theorist, Suzanne Caygill who seems to have made some very valid observations that “our colors” have everything to do with a link to Nature. I noted that Suzanne talked about this relationship in“the intricate tapestry of the animal and floral world.” I am a keen gardener and take note of the multitude of soils in our earth. Is there any relationship with that as well?

Cathy: Of course! Flowers, rivers, grasses, oceans, lakes, minerals, mountains, soils, times of day, temperature, qualities of air and sky…we are deeply related to all of it.

Back in the 1980’s, I was given my colors – broadly speaking – but I always wondered if they were right. Do you think that things have changed a great deal? Or were past systems a little simplistic? (I did read how you also had your color’s done in the 1980’s, Joan!)

Joan: I can totally relate, Deborah. Yes, when I had my box-style analysis back in the 80’s, most of the colors did not relate to me at all – and I soon dismissed it as a fad that had limited value.

Back in the day, many people tried to copy Suzanne Caygill’s approach, but they did so without her deep understanding. These systems were way too simplistic. Many people received an inaccurate or incomplete analysis. This is still happening to this day. To us, this is a real shame. To know your true colors is a profound revelation!

 But once Cathy had done my colors, it was an amazing discovery — I have totally embraced my Seasonal Colors & Line-of-Design. It brings me so much joy. I want everyone to have that experience.

I notice that you also write about Suzanne’s assertion that we are all related to the Four Seasons – can you tell me more about this?

Cathy: Suzanne’s belief was that we literally belong to and express Nature in our coloring, energy and body movements. She discovered some very general commonalities within groups of people. But, when she did a person’s Color Analysis, she chose each color individually to express the uniqueness she saw.

Joan: Yes, the Four Seasons does not exist (as some people have packaged them) for the purpose of sticking you in a box. But, when you are rooted authentically in your Season, it provides guidelines that are actually very freeing.

 I’m glad to hear you say there are no boxes – but you make a lot of suggestions for each Season. Is it a difficult thing to give a guideline?

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Cathy and Joan

Cathy: I suppose it is somewhat confusing to offer both general Seasonal information, while also insisting upon the unalienable uniqueness of every person. Based on 40 years of observing people, I can tell you: both are true! It’s like the flowers in a meadow. They have the meadow in common, but they are each unique in themselves – even if they’re growing on the same bush!

There can never be an accurate Color Analysis based on a pre-made set of colors because no two people are alike. In the many, many consultations I’ve been a part of, there have never been any two results that were exactly the same.

 People get into trouble when they use the Seasonal designation as a box. For example, All Autumns wear warm colors.” Not true! Springs are cheerleader types.” Nope. Winters are formal.” Not always. “All Summers wear lavender.” No.

 The designation of a Season is initially a general one. As our clients continue to explore their Season at deeper levels, they find that their relationship to their Season and Nature is very personal and unique.

 Joan: The same is true for Style. If you favor a Classic style, for example, that doesn’t mean you belong in a particular Season.  But each Season (and each person in that Season) will have a slightly different expression of Classic, Boho, Sporty Elegant, etc. 

 What about if you find yourself attracted to a somewhat opposing color – is that an issue?

Fabric colors

We have color memories. We associate these with many things in life.

Cathy: There are all kinds of reasons why we love the colors we love. We have color memories, people who are associated with certain colors, cultural color, etc. I love all color – but I don’t wear every color I love.  

 Joan: I totally agree with Cathy. I think that sometimes we are drawn to particular color combinations in clothing because of how they are marketed to us. We have become trained to see color harmony in an outfit, rather than seeing an outfit that is harmonious with ourselves wearing it.

 In your eBook, you also mention how Suzanne goes into quite a bit of detail on Color Qualities and Focus Words – and that these suggest Style. Can you tell me more about this?

Cathy: Your Season and energy absolutely suggest your clothing style.

Your style is just as important as wearing the right color. It is so important, in fact, that we offer our Next Level Style service right alongside our Color Consultations.

 Color, Essence, Body Type, Style (Line-of-Design) and the words that go with that (Focus Words) all work together in a powerful gestalt. You can see that when we use the word, Harmony,” there is a lot involved! We make sure that the Harmony goes all the way through, like we said, from soul to sole.

 Joan: Yes. Once you’ve had your colors done and received your Focus Words, it all comes together in the most marvelous way. There’s a lot that goes into developing an authentic personal style.

 I like the idea of each Season suggesting a Line-of-Design. Can you be a little more specific with this?

Cathy: This is a gigantic and complex topic, worthy of several lengthy eBooks! Suffice to say that each Season does suggest some general Line-of-Design guidelines. We touch upon them lightly in our eBook  – and it’s quite amazing to see how these style guidelines work. If the color is right, but the Seasonal Line-of-Design is wrong, the clothing won’t look good!

Joan:  But, as we said earlier, it’s not about putting you in a box. You can apply your Line-of-Design to any style, be it Classic, Boho, Sporty Elegant, etc. and the application of it is as individual as you are.

“A true Seasonal Analysis is limitless (like Nature),” I read. Does that mean it will be difficult to choose our colors? Do we need a professional’s judgment to help with this? How do we go about this?

Cathy: We believe that people instinctively know their Colors – but they often need help in developing, trusting and elaborating on their instinctual knowing.

 I don’t think of choosing colors as difficult,” but doing it does take a lot of knowledge, practice, and perception! We make sure we find the colors that harmonize perfectly with you, with Nature, and with your physical Design. Caygill professionals are highly trained in creating a complete and extensive Color & Style Harmony. It all goes together!

Woman holding fabric swatch against clothing

Along with your shopping fan, your new knowledge and sessions with your stylists you can also take your best friend. Joan and Cathy are here to convince you of your true beauty

 The best way to discover your Harmony is to come and see us. People come in from everywhere on the planet for this incredible experience. If a person cannot come to us for a session, we recommend an online consultation.

 Joan: It is not uncommon for people to wear color based on a belief system they’ve learned along the way that is in complete opposition to their natural harmony. For example, one red-headed client had been told she was an Autumn and she had tried for years to wear those colors. Come to find out, she was actually an Iridescent Summer. When she realized that she was a Summer, she was stunned by how embraced she felt. She said that having her Summer Colors & Focus Words felt like coming home.

 I recall a clothing store owner who has fitted women for over 35 years. She said that she looked for colors that made people “look healthy.” Does that have merit in what you look for? I would want colors that make me “glow.”

Cathy: I think that store owner is onto it! When the colors are right, they make you look healthy, glow, spark, feel powerful, rested, confident, trustworthy, attractive… Because all of your colors are keyed to you, they do all of that and more.

 Joan: Furthermore, when you wear colors that are outside of your natural harmony, they can make you look tired and can even age you.

I like the thought that the Seasonal designation is not a cookie-cutter formula. I do not want to be put in a box. Where can I find out how to incorporate these ideas and some wisdom from this system?

 Cathy: Our free eBook is a great start. But the real power is in the Color Consultation. If you want to know the revelation that authentic Seasonal Color Analysis offers, you must have the experience.

 Joan: Cathy’s got some great material on her website that will give you more information about each Season. Also, we both have blogs that will provide information on Seasonal Color & Style.

I love the terminology you use in your eBook –  that Visual Harmony expresses the person from “soul to sole.” Quite a promise, I think. With that kind of inspiration, it does make you want to know more!

Cathy: It is profound work! We look to your essence and we work out from there. So, literally, when you know who you are, your shoes can express your essence. It’s quite remarkable.

 Joan: As you can tell, we are very passionate about this. It is an experience that doesn’t disappoint.

So, once I understand my Seasonal Harmony – in Color, Focus Words, Line-of-Design, metals, and prints & patterns – I am ready to go shopping. Along with my Shopping Fan, can I take my best friend, too?

Joan: Absolutely. And if your friend understands the importance of Color & Style Harmony, it’s all the better!

Cathy: Ha! I hope you do take your best friend. Sometimes it takes your best friend to convince you of what we see: your true beauty!

A thank you goes to both Joan and Cathy for their input. You can get a copy of their free eBook here Do check out their website or Joan’s website for more information. I’m sure you will find it most enlightening and well worth investigating further.

To feel good about yourself by what you choose to wear helps a great deal. Knowing that you have armed yourself with excellent educated choices to present yourself at your best gives you a big boost in confidence.  

Until later!

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