It is the birthday of my daughter. One day after Mother’s Day. I thought it pertinent to write a little of what I feel as a Mother and how I could share what an older Mother feels. On this day. An open letter.

Years pass by and a Mother weighs up at times the acts carried out in their life. We don’t get it all right by any means. That is too much the perfectionist way of thinking. But then we get much of it right. We can’t forget that. I think the most of anything we can forget is have no regrets. We do the best we can at the time. Daughter, I do hope you realize that.

Leaving the nest

We sometimes pine after the daughter has left the nest – but that is as it should be. You grow dear daughter and that is the most we can hope for. Your maturity and growth. To leave the past behind where it should be and not let it dog your footsteps like a ball and chain. That you become an independent person using wise principles and pass those onto your own daughters.

My age hangs heavy on me at times and I wish for the one on one communication of the past. Maybe that will never be – I do not know.

My husband and I had a heartfelt prayer for you tonight. On his insistence. He said the same as me – you will always be in our and his heart. He wished for the time when you would come back to the fold. (I feel sad if that does not happen.)

Goals and Aims

I have my goals and aims to work into my life as you do too. Yours have value and as you grow you too will have values that I instilled come back to roost in your life. That you learn wisely know which ones to let go of as you grow. The foundation years after all have a great significance. We cannot make them become invisible.

We are often affected

I take note and have happiness no matter what the situation and how our relationship has gone. I leave God in charge. We each are unique and have our work to do in the world. Our attitude makes all the difference.Sometimes I have tears. But there is time for tears and times for happiness ( Ecc  3:4 ) and a time for everything under heaven. ( Ecc: 3:1-8 )

Choosing your name

Going back to the past before you were born I remember making a list of names to call you if you were a daughter.

There were two names from Luke 8:3 that I had narrowed it down to if you were dark haired. Both helpers of Jesus. One name Joanna  (God is gracious) I really liked first. (I was going to add an “h” and make it Johanna)  I thought that J being the same initial as someone in the family and I didn’t want a double-up. So I chose instead Susanna (Lily) and added an extra letter “h” to show my love of French – which also showed in your older sister’s first name. The flower lily is a symbol of innocence; purity and beauty. A special character name to live up to. And one I believe we can re-capture in life – even if it is stolen from us due to life happenings. (Susanna –  is derived from  (Sousanna), the Greek form of the Hebrew Shoshannah, meaning lily (from the Lilium family) (Susan) is the Persian spelling of this name. White lilies are found growing in the Biblical city of Susa in Persia. 

So, my daughter, I wish for you Beauty on the inside – not on the outside as the “world” pushes. Not on what you have on the outside, what you accomplish, what you have but what is in your heart. Lovingkindness.


My wish for You.

Well, daughter dear – I don’t want to weigh down my little writing here.  My words to you would be “I love you very much” and I am so much “wishing you always –  all the best”. My Faith trusts that all things will work for good.

I will publish this letter nearly a week after your birthday. I wish you many good things each and every day.

(I am reminded of the story of a faithful dog Hachiko who would meet his master every day at the railway station. One day the master died – but still, the faithful dog went to the railway station  at four o’clock for the next 10 years and waited for his master)

Until later.


Deborah Hunter Kells

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