Dear Reader: A little intro to the opinions of a hopeless and hopeful housewife. 

She flicked her finger lazily in circles in the now cooling soapy dishwater. Her meandering thoughts had her gazing out through the rain-marked window. What if she did? and what if she didn’t? Life had her questioning many of the choices she had made. Had she made enough good ones? Why was she questioning so much? She knew herself to be stuck with the opinions of the hopeless and hopeful housewife. In a circle as it were.

One’s opinions

The plug gurgled as she let the water “free”. Life was meant to be open but maybe what bound it was the mind’s constraints – it’s way of thinking. Paradigm as it were. Maybe the bias crowded in a little too often to be comfortable.

She looked around her house. Yes, house – since she wasn’t “wedded” to it. She saw gleaming counter-tops and crisp tea towels; symmetrically balanced fruit in a bowl and shiny hanging utensils. Maybe this was one of her hopeless times – when she put her “house” in done or finished mode and didn’t work on herself. Maybe her hopeful times was when she let freedom ring in the form of a little more spontaneity in her house placements. She enjoyed the choice of decor, change, and movement in her surrounds. The creative – freedom bit. Maybe that felt much more like home to her. She knew she liked it that way. Took comfort in a sense of disorder at times – a relaxed bent.

A housewife’s realization

She didn’t rankle under the term or label of “housewife”. It might be dated – but that was only perception. Like any labels – there were more factors involved.

This “housewife” went to the laundry – unpiled a stack of laundry loaded it into a basket and went out merrily to hang washing in the open air. More serious thoughts on another day. Today she realized that she was happy in her world no matter that their were days she felt a little hopeless, but more often than not hopeful thoughts held sway. After all – there was hope in hopelessness

Deborah Hunter Kells

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