According to Pysche Central one of the top 20 stressors that may trigger anxiety and sadness is moving.  I, however, am different and can tell you why moving is fun to me. I recall checking with my sister and then my mother who both answered as I did. Moving was enjoyable. I checked this when someone pointed out that it was in the list of top stressful things to do. Maybe I have modeled similar behavior or maybe it is because when younger and through my first marriage I moved so often. This helped me adapt and I don’t recall feeling sad or stressed Oh – well once! I recall leaving a place and forgetting to return a library book to the school. It was Children’s bible stories and stayed in our family for a long time. I felt guilty because I had been taught the essence of integrity – but that’s another topic!


1) My moving experience and my new color and style ideas.


I am talking on this topic since I am smack bang in the middle of a move. So why not talk about my experience right now? One of the things that makes it fun for me is that I sell many pieces of the current furniture I have. I then go on the hunt for new styles and new colors to suit the “new place”. I have been here nearly 5 years and wonder how this time how my taste will evolve. In between packing and organizing, I take short breaks and look online for color ideas predominantly and also pieces of styling as well.

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2) Moving and making new friends while keeping old friends.


Another reason I love the change (not including a warmer climate for my plants!) but also networking and making new friends. I still hold onto the old, however. I have a penchant for creativity and hand-made cards are my thing and I love to have them be a recipient of one of my creations. I make an attractive place for visitors who travel the distance to see me in our new home.


3) A revamp of my organizing methods


Moving gives me the time and motivation to look at things in different ways and look at how I can make changes. I look at weak spots in my system of organizing and see if a major overhaul is needed or some tweaking here or there. For example:

Do deep cleans in some weaker areas need to be included more often. Can I easily see that this will be a productive physical exercise as well healthier for my environment? Can I include a regular de-clutter more often – so as not to have too much dust around?


4) A revamp of future goals


As I pack and clean (that is doing manual work – so it gives me time to think) I look at what goals I want to incorporate more of in the future. I take note of appliances I haven’t used in a while or those ingredients that may have only been used scarcely. I look at physical and health goals I want to incorporate and how I will do that in my new environment. I am enthused with the thought of including things like more time away from technology so that I can have “real time” with people, society, groups, and nature.


5) Acceptance


Sometimes things don’t always go to plan. This can often be paired with moving. Where you can drop the stress related to things not going to plan is acceptance. I always talk of having a Plan B. Sometimes in life we even need Plan C which to me is not being too stringent with your plans. This can be applied to moving as well as many other life pursuits. Take it on board and run with it!

Updated June, 2019 



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