What will look great with my white kitchen?

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With my current move to a new home, there is a big change in our Home Decor. I will plan to put photos of my new white kitchen in a future post.  My aim is to find what will look great with my new white kitchen. I have mostly had beiges or timber kitchens in the past. My aim will be to play up the crisp whiteness yet give focus on the other colors that I introduce. I have many choices since white is neutral.

If I put yellow with my kitchen

White kitchen with yellow

Yellow accessories give a white kitchen a look of energy

A great way to bring yellow into the kitchen is your curtaining or blinds. Whether netting style through to heavyweight curtains they can make a real statement.

Think of light – think lighting. Lampshades introducing yellow are the jewelry of your kitchen to make the most of their color and style.

When it comes to making a statement with blooms – think daffodils, jonquils, freesias, wattle or roses

Another idea is your additional furniture – such as chairs & stools. These can make a great pop of yellow. They need not be all one color – bring in black, white or blue for example.

Don’t go past your accessories such as a kettle or herbal teapot.  Another idea to consider is having a shelf display of a collection of coffee cups. Have the yellow be a feature for each cup – but have them with a different design and patternings. Consider having clear canisters and filling with different colored foods – but allow some to be yellow items such as yellow split peas,

If I put black with my white kitchen

Having black is a safe bet – so it’s said. It is striking and often you can’t go wrong teaming it with white. Even though black is in the white kitchen – it need not be a dominant color.

White with black apartment

White kitchen on the left with black 4betterhome.com

Put in touches of color too with colored assorted accessories for example of pinks, oranges, and greens or a combination of all of these.

Consider having a bowl full of mixed fruit to have a natural look. A clear glass vase (tall and large) can be filled with a variety of blooms or greenery.  and vases with greenery or flowers. Potted herbs or plants to go well on benches or window sills.

Don’t go past adding more black accessories – such as black marble boards, black vase or black canisters for example.

How about choosing a black and white rug in bold patternings to make a great decorative and functional item at the same time?

If I put blue with my white kitchen

Blue is highly favored by me and one which I am highly considering.

The first thing I start with is China. This may be dinner plates, serving and sandwich plates. As above I also like to have a collection of differently patterned mugs in the blues that I like too. Often to be a little different I will go for different shades of blue – from teal, turquoise, sapphire right through to ice blues.

White kitchen blue accents

Blue accents is a favorite with me and one I will choose

Another thing that I do when organizing a new kitchen’s looks is my tea towels and cloths. Blue will be it. Again like my mugs, I try a variety of hues.

I will plan on bringing craft into the kitchen and work on a mosaic of broken tiles in all different blues and use it as my heating plate for hot pots.

I may consider some words in blue up upon upper cupboards or on the refrigerator. I could also put some artwork in blue or even consider a clock with a blue face.

To go outside the blue theme (since I have timber floors) I will consider to add timber accessories (in a hutch) or with baskets for example. Chopping boards is another example of what will work with both the floors and the white and blue.

So what will make my white kitchen great?

I have given a few color ideas here – but don’t let that limit you. Consider red, orange, green for example. But that isn’t all. Why not go outside that and incorporate copper, stainless steel and chrome or brass? With colors also you might use a pastel color palette of more than 3 or 4 colors. It can all make white look great!

Until later!

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