All things plastic and litter is not good.

Not much brain power is needed to “see” how all things plastic and litter is not good. We people of the earth are on a downward spiral of destroying the earth both with knowledge and ignorantly. Whether it is the clothing, food, home decor, and appliances, etc and all it’s wrapping – it does not seem we are taking notice quickly enough. There is a need to have more visionaries who are willing to put money to projects that will change our focus.

Going the extra mile

A long time ago – I’m talking about 25 years, I recall reading of a lady who purchased items as normal. She then sent all the packaging back to the manufacturer. She did this so none of the litter stayed with her and maybe as a silent or rather not so silent protest about what manufacturers were doing and their responsibilities.

Just recently, at a Supermarket chain that I frequent, regularly a group of people gets together to go on buying sprees inside (mostly) the fruit and vegetable section. They then commandeered a number of Supermarket trollies for their “contraband”. What was that “contraband”? It was plastic – heaps of plastic, wrapping and associated trays. They (from my memory) left a message with management about choices made in regard to wrapping and that there must be “other ways”. Management had tolerated this and had got to patiently be aware that the group was making their “stand”.

Plastic and litter use and what happens

We have an amazing love affair with plastic. According to Australian Ethical, we are using (worldwide) 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags per year. That amounts to 1 million plastic bags per minute. Amazing gluttony.

According to WWF plastic that could be recycled can often blow away and end up in drains and thereby rivers and seas. That is not all, for when people drop litter in streets or in the countryside it also ends up in drains, rivers and finally the sea. Any products that go down the drain – whether the kitchen sink or sewage contaminates since it can not be all treated finely by waste treatment plants. This does make you think twice about what you allow to “be thrown away”.

If you think that you throw something away and it’s gone – think twice. Often it means somewhere else on this earth ie away only. Not gone. The earth is our backyard. Think twice before being an avid “consumer” – over-consumption got us here in the first place.


There is much we can do in our choices to make a difference in our littered world.

What you can do in the plastic and litter world

There is much you can do and think twice before purchasing plastics. Some are common sense – other things you may not be aware of.

  • Buy bulkier items so you don’t have as much plastic.
  • I buy bulk foods from the health shop in paper bags and afterward I compost the bag.
  • Ditch the plastic bottles of water. Consider boiling rainwater as a healthy option.
  • Cook from scratch wherever possible. Saves packages and plastics
  • Buy items in cardboard wherever possible.
  • Look at dehydrating or freezing with re-useable containers to limit plastics
  • Compost your food scraps
  • Buy secondhand – so withholding further consumer products being made.
  • Look for pre-loved treasure 
  • Buy or make re-useable bags to go shopping with that can easily be washed and are long-lasting. Wash regularly as these can get laden with bacteria easily with some foodstuffs.
  • Limit use of frozen foods – they use a lot of plastic. It will be more economical and healthier cooking your own meals
  • Choose grocery and cleaning items in boxes rather than plastics
  • Consider cutting down or changing from disposable razors, nappies, menstrual supplies for example. There are other convenient and environmentally friendly options available.
  • Make freshly squeezed juice from fruit you have collected from the Fruit shop or Supermarket. Healthier for you and the environment.
  • Consider ditching deodorant. I have used nothing but shower soap for the last 15 years –  with only a 3 month of transition time.
  • Consider ditching shampoo. I have for over 2 years – I tell more about it here As my hairdresser says – it only takes 11 weeks for your hair to be used to “no shampoo”.
  • Keep left-overs in glass in the fridge. You may also cover items with a shower cap – kept specifically as a covering (it will give you years of wear and you don’t need to use a short-term plastic wrap.)
  • Check out Pinterest for ideas on how to recycle, upcycle and DIY ideas.

There are lots of little things you will find that you can do. The main thing is to Simplify. Let me know what you find.

Until later!

Deborah Hunter Kells

I have a wide range of interests and the top of my list is people and relationships. I appreciate our big wide world and nature which tries so hard to deal with what we do to it. As noted you will find a variety of topics covered (see Home page) My appreciation goes to my team and others whom I collaborate with to make this blog successful and resourceful. Thanks especially to my team: Sarah, Tina, and Billah (See footer for more of their details)

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