What are the best clothes for older women?

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Cover photo modeled by Laurie of Vanity & Me

A loaded question to some women:-  What are the best clothes for older women?

I have had a large number of reactions to my Clothing style page over the 6 years since I started my collection of sharing clothing. I had wanted to put my ideas together on this page and to find out the best clothes and ideas. I covered women from 30 years through to women in their 80s and was interested in reactions from what I shared. 

The clothing selections were from from chain outlets, designer, handmade and vintage for example. The styles I noticed could and still do get the resounding thumbs up for which I wonder at and others have got the thumbs down which I am surprised at sometimes too. Over the years I have learned from my audience. I was happy to share garments that caught my eye for style, color, and texture. All of which come together to make attractive outfits with corresponding accessories. At least I found this from the positive responses.

Older woman model

Judith of Style Crone – showing great style

What did older women like or not like to see?

One thing I did learn early on was that older women often did like or not like on my page in the outfit realm:

  • the absence of grey hair or the acceptance of hair with dye to their “locks”. After all your hair is part of your outfit. They were adverse to seeing younger models. (Let me say it was more difficult to find older models when first starting my page – but things have changed slowly) I have also done a post on how to have grey hair and be happy and chic 
  • Long hair and short hair had two distinct camps!
  • lack of curves showing in the outfit ie smaller sizes being shown often in outfits.I have since published a post The Fabulous Curvy Older Woman Style: Move Over Chanel!
  • not allowing for short stature. Predominantly I found taller models were often used even in plus sizings.
  • there were definite camps of more conservative classic clothing all the way through to a Bohemian slant. Many women loved reminders of past cycles of fashion & style.
  • Upcycled clothing done in particularly creative ways was high in the liking camp.
  • Designer clothing that was attractive and that had clean lines and yet was unique and a little different but honing in on “upmarket”.
  • Quality was a big thing – as it is with me. Many commented that they were unhappy with some Companies and their poor workmanship
  • Supporting local was reasonably important – although a great deal of the audience responded about how some companies clothing was priced outside their budget.
  • There was not a real heavy response for eco-friendly garments – since the cost was often a factor was the response.

What type of clothing fashions and styling details were favored or not by the older woman?

I was somewhat happy with the choices made after reading many comments over the years from my audience. Many times I presented the older women in unique styles such as presented by Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style But then there was some (not a whole amount) on some occasions who found some styling quite “out there”. But a majority were pleased that older women were happy to model in their own unique style. Styling in the Vintage theme such as by Judith of Style Crone with her great styling of hats and special clothing finds. The easy styling of Not dressed as Lamb or Vanity & Me. The immensely popular and great style of Carol Parker Walsh for curvy ladies. The Bohemian relaxed styling from Etsy Shops such as Sea Gypsy Au Plus with all these and many more (1000’s that I have shared from) there is also the inspiring Facebook group initiated by Catherine of Forever Fierce Revolution with all the inspiring “girls” there too.

Older women clothes

Basic black – but not so basic! Photo credit Advanced Style – Ari Seth Cohen

These were some of the details that were sometimes in contention – but then others not so much:

  • Sleeveless or sleeves
  • Bathing wear
  • the wearing of younger styles such as shorter skirts or dresses, cleavage, sheer,
  • heels on shoes
  • whether the choice of patternings – such as florals, plaids, checks were tasteful.
  • off the shoulder tops and sweaters
  • a lack of styling for bigger, curvy women ie tent shapes or not suited the more proportionate body shape
  • hats were a matter of whether they looked good on their heads or not. Turbans were admired – but many had not tried.
  • jeans were pretty much voted positively by almost all. Ripped jeans were not liked by a majority.
  • jewelry was dependent on the fussiness, non-trendy ie pearls Turquoise was almost always the most popular. Many women were of the opinion “take off one piece of jewelry before you leave the house” in response to those wearing 3 or 4 neck pieces at once.
  • handbags and purses had separate camps – bohemian or plain colored more classic look and a few unique styles in-between.
  • kimonos were nearly always popular.
  • tunics were popular but it was dependant on how well it looked on the model particularly. If it looked like it was styled more like a maternity line it was a “no go”
  • leggings seemed to be in everyone’s closet and were embraced – particularly with a well-styled tunic.
  • belts were popular with the thinner older woman but a no go for the more curvy lady. I believe this was by not searching for further ideas. This by putting a nice cardi/jacket/blazer over a slimming dress such as Carol Parker Walsh did so stylishly well. (link above)
  • color favorites showed often. Hot pink was often least favored. Black may be the most favored.
  • boots were one of my most popular footwear posts.
  • scarves were popular by many and “collectors” often made their voices heard.

My lists are by no means exhaustive but I have shared what has stood out to me as I have enjoyed publishing over the years.

Tell me if you are an older woman – what do you think are the best clothes for older women? You may like the photos of older women on my post “Is the older woman becoming more visible”. 



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