15 ways to earn income on a budget

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Have little money but looking for ways to earn money on a shoestring? Here are 15 ways to earn income on a budget. Remember if you suddenly lose your income there are ways to address this too. Nut out all the skills you have. Do you have physical capacity? Are you lean where knowledge is concerned? There are things that may suit you here. Don’t cross any one of these ideas off ways to earn income if you are on a budget. You can piggy back off the ideas here to get more ideas and more resources. Networking is one of the best ways to advertise and get ideas from other people.


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15 ways to earn income on a budget

  1. Selling quality items of clothing that you source from others. Consider designer classic clothing that is not “cheap” and trendy. You might go into an agreement to take a percentage of what you are able to sell and return to the owner what you are not able to sell. Ask on local groups and also be on the search for those who may be offering bulk lots of good clothes for sale. Plus size clothing is also a market where buyers are looking for well-tailored items.
  2. Do you have Social Media knowledge to share? Consider placing yourself in Entrepreneur and Business groups such as on Facebook where there are many who are on the look-out for those with social media skills to help them out. Quite a few Virtual Assistants are not choosing to work in this spot because it is rather labor intensive- so pick up where others are not. This includes tasks such as setting up pages, dealing with followers, uploading content and much more.
  3. Have a flair for Content Creation? This can be posts to be uploaded and published. Organizing editing and proofreading. In this too is locating accompanying photos to create suitable graphics for the posts
  4. Can you cook? Look for places that need someone to come in and cook meals – particularly specialty dishes such as Vegan, Gluten-free or raw meals. You can look for a niche that suits you.
  5. Do you do dishes? This may be something simple – but I have known of others who started off doing this simple thing and ended up with a management position. I also re-call a wise person saying – “if you can do dishes well – you can do anything!”.
  6. Are you an organizer? You might be a “neat freak” or someone who has an idea of how to get things easily into order. There are many who would love to have your services.
  7. Can you pack? There are many people who are moving who get into overwhelm. Even online you can find out who is moving and approach them about help with packing up.
  8. You can sell for those who are moving house. Even people who are moving house may not able to be able to keep up with all they have to do and sell their items as well. You could work for a commission and come in – take photos and start the selling process online on their behalf.
  9. Are you a keen gardener? Most people have a garden around them.  Be on the search for those areas that may need some tender loving care and contact those directly to see what you can work out to help with.
  10. Want to do laundry for people including ironing? No matter how menial a task may seem – do it and do it well. It pays and how well you do a job is often a lead to other jobs.
  11. You can check people’s homes are secure when they go away on holidays. This could be as a House sitter or calling in regularly each day to make sure things are tidy, bins in, mail collected and signs of occupation.
  12. A caregiver particularly for those who are older. Our population is getting older and older people need help with day to day errands and work around their homes.
  13. Email management This service includes unsubscribing, replying to common emails, doing follow-up, drafting responses, etc.
  14. Car cleaning and waxing inside and out. Most people have cars and it can be as simple as approaching those in your neighborhood first of all to build up a regular base.
  15. Doing surveys might be only a little bit of income but it costs only some of your in-between time and it is something you can do before you find regular work. Some to try are Swagbucks  Opinion Bureau   Pure Profile



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