Can you earn income from Honesty?

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“Can you earn income from Honesty?” I asked someone close to me (let’s call them Mr. Obstinate) this week. Mr. Obstinate’s answer? “No, you can’t earn income from honesty.” Note though that they clarified this a few days later and said “Well you can be honest and earn income – but you can’t be rich!”  On a side-note I was planning on another topic for my blog post this week – but that topic  slid off the table! Now the query about earning income from honesty has followed me around all week. Please bear with some of the detail as you read through.

On Sunday a week ago I had a 50 minute interview with Christina Root from  The discussion was on different topics regarding what I did but also on Money Archetypes. This was before the comments above The main thing that made impact on me was when Christina asked what my strength was in business. My answer was that my Faith was my foundation. The one thing that had followed me around in life was “Honesty” (my conscious and where I failed included) and when put on the spot to answer it seemed all I could answer.

It was then later that I repeated this to Mr. Obstinate the sentence above which bears repeating “Can you earn income from Honesty?”

Fast forward about 2 hours on the same day and Angelique of Be OMG! happened to chat about things that were happening in her neck of the woods. Next I also repeated to her the outcome of Christina’s interview plus Mr. Obstinate’s later comment “No you can’t earn income from honesty.” that same day. Angelique’s comment?  “Of course you can make money from honesty!” That’s your mojo Deborah. Authenticity and Transparency.” Angelique like myself both had the same feelings together. We consider this a dare!  Whether we were well-meaning or not we felt that in answer to someone saying it was not possible. We felt that it was very possible.

Meanwhile fast forward to about Tuesday (I neglected to journal the day) and someone commented on a post I had put in answer to a question on Women helping women entrepreneurs . This is a Facebook group owned by Chrstina Rowe where many women ask and put forward many questions and information. Adriana Bito put forth a post with the question  “What is your dream?”

My answer: “Work that I am passionate about and is amazingly helpful to others. Networking but not marketing per se.”    

This led to a 15 minute interview with Adriana. Adriana’s organization I later found out was called HonestyM

So dear Reader you have read thus far. You I am sure would like closure to find out where this goes.

I have a friendly acquaintance – a Christian woman Ehi who reminds me that this month is a month of abundance. To me I look for every day to be a day of abundance. And for that abundance to come with honesty!

Her words “In other news, we are still in the month of OVERFLOW   Overflow means: Excess  Abundance  Thriving  More than enough More than you need  Running Over  Again, none of us is here to just pay bills and die  we are here to IMPACT, to INFLUENCE, to AFFECT POSITIVELY

You can’t do that by making just enough money These orphanage homes need money to build These dreams need money to fund These schools need cash to build These hospitals need your freedom to develop     IT WONT BUILD ITSELF
From Ehi’s words I am reminded and know that we can get tied up in business problems but not easily see the social problems that are around us. That we forget that Faith can move mountains. We need to believe that man’s power is limited only by his small “thinking” and lack of Faith.
Let us draw closer to home. What are you doing honestly and positively for the ones in and outside your circle who have needs? Are you putting  Faith first and foremost so that you may believe that anything is possible and “nothing is too hard for the Lord.” That God will direct people to You. If you will Trust and believe in him and to Honestly be a manager of the abundance that he promises to deliver into your hands.
Are you ready to be a good manager of what He provides (a good steward)? For you see you can
receive abundant income from honesty!
Until later!

Deborah Hunter Kells

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Can you earn income from Honesty?