Can you be trusted with a Million Dollars?

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My question “Can you be trusted with a Million Dollars” is not just to you. The question is for me too. In my hearing it was once said that I could be trusted with a Million Dollars. But really 100 Million could be in my care or much more so I learned. It starts with 5 cents if the truth be known! In countries around the world issues of trust with other people’s money is a very real problem. The problem is created where “the love of money” comes into play.

Trust with the Dollars

I re-call the time when someone found $500 laying on the pavement close to the bank. The person (known closely to me) picked it up and drove around for a couple of hours having a struggle with what to do. Keep it and no one would be any the wiser or hand it in to the Police Station. They struggled to come home – purely because my conscious would have the answer for them. After that time of struggle they handed it in. That was their honesty not mine. Within 3 months a note arrived to say that it had not been collected and the $500 was now the “finder’s”. The person asked the Policeman how often money was handed in. The Policeman apparently replied “Never.”

Not all of us find sums of money often – but we can go through a “choices mode” when it comes to dealing with money in life as it comes and goes in different forms. Sometimes it’s how we deal with goods going in and out of our possession too. Something we can’t always measure.

If you find you can let money not have sway over your choices and that you can easily let it go – even during “hard times” for the better good you will find you can have Faith to be a good wise manager.  As wise words say “He that is faithful in little things will be faithful in much bigger ones.” Luke 16:10  On a side note – remember that is not just money or power!


So then  if you had a Million Dollars could you be trusted with it? 


I hear it often of people suddenly coming into a great deal of money through inheritance or winnings or a windfall of some description. Many times I have accordingly heard how it has been the person’s downfall. Not only had they not done well with it but they had broken relationships, health or unhappiness as a result.

How would you be different? Would charity be your first port of call? Could you choose wisely and well? There are many people who have had access to vast amounts of money – but who have lived a very modest lifestyle and been happy in doing that. Would you do that? Could trust be left with you?  

Stacks of money

If you received money and much more money would you gain to lose it by giving much? Could you be trusted to be given much more and not keep it to yourself just for security? Those are questions I will leave for you to answer. But I know God has questions for you to answer. Even with a Million Dollars or more. Whatever your Faith or not.

Where I stand with a Million dollars

Sometimes I find there are much bigger things that money. Take patience for example. I find that many people are in haste to get rich and will look at the numbers game often as a sign of success. They make haste to become rich (and can be trusted with that!) and there are many perils in that. Broken relationships, missed relationships, poor health, meaningless purpose among others. Then it can be taken away at a moment’s notice.

This week I read a quote which reminded me of not being happy even with a million dollars (and of course with a myriad of other things) from Deepak Chopra “Be happy for no reason like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you are in trouble because that reason can be taken away from you.” The thing is to have the Faith of a child – innocent and believing – that as I find – if I was to have a Million Dollars my Father would guide in what should be accomplished with it.

Have you heard the term a Million Dollar view?


Don’t be too short-sighted so as not to discover what this means. Think outside the box as it were. Nature offers views unattainable to many. Each sunset is a one-of. Consider the first smile of your child. The look in a lover’s gaze. A close-up view of nature’s moving world. The meal set down for a hungry belly. Flowers in all their “glory”.

Bowl of soup

A plate of food is a million dollar view to many in this world

There is much to consider outside of money – but remember that money can buy ease for the sick and down-trodden. Comfort for the aged and infirm. Education for those who do not have it. This and much more. So a Million Dollar view can be from your side about what you can do. I pray that you have a Million Dollar view and that it multiplies much more. Can you be trusted?

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