A week in the life of a Busy VA

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Well one of the things that I do is work out a blog post idea in my head or from a continuing list of ideas. A week in the life of a “busy” VA came to me since this one has been quite indicative of what it can be like for me. Hop on board and see if you can relate!

First to keep an idea of how much time (well accurate to within 5 minutes or so) I use Toggl which helps you switch easily between projects so you know how long you’ve spent on them. The tag line on the website is apt. It says “Where did time go?”

My week starts on Sunday since I keep all of Friday night and Saturday free. I may check for messages that is all.

So let’s look at

  • Sunday 

I started on a Proofreading and Editing job for a client. I thought – well lets get off to an early start for the week and get things happening as soon as possible! I scheduled to Facebook which was only 2 minutes worth. However checking emails took 26 minutes.

Now there was a “blow-out” on Networking/clearing Facebook – the time was 2 hours and 51 minutes! Noting statistics for the week took 8 minutes – I do that once a week so I can overall see where my time is going. I write it down in my Bullet Journal hence why it took longer – but writing it down helps my “brain power”. I checked Upwork for 19 minutes in case there was any relevant work. I have had 2 jobs from there before. I normally also look at Airtasker and Freelancer.

  • Monday

Oh the Proofreading and Editing client sent me another lot to work through. Oh well here goes! Only 19 minutes worth – with just a short piece. I did a bit of work on my CRM (Customer Relations Management) Hubspot/App A new client I started preparation work with her Pinterest set-out. Giving information through Email, WhatApps and Facebook took me 1hr 53 mins.

Ah – in this time I had 3 minutes to chat to personal friends – possibly about taking a walk early the next morning together! Email took 12 minutes – I do pop lots of items slowly into a folder where I soon may unsubscribe since I have full days anyway and if I find the email not productive or educational “they go out the door”. I spend 6 minutes putting the last of images and tidying my blog post from last week – since I post weekly.

Deborah Hunter Kells

As a Busy VA this week I got time to lay down and have my picture taken. Photo Credit: My loving Hubby

Okay now this is incredible how much time I spend Networking and clearing Facebook. It seems like a monster. I spent just on 5 hours  But here are my groups which I have to work with people’s responses, catch up with people or schedule and post images, articles etc. Someone did ask me this week how many I had!

My Facebook pages:

then my Groups


  • Tuesday 

It’s up and about doing CRM management in the morning. For 1h and 8 minutes I do content for posting to Pinterest and Instagram.Now 2 lots of Proofreading and editing are in my stack to attend to and that takes me just on 2 hours. 2 hours 42 goes for Networking, Clearing Facebook and scheduling Page and Group posts. Now this is a turn up – I get 15 minutes of personal browsing time – but it’s usually banking – not too many enlightening things this early in the week!

I spend 46 minutes doing Surveys. They are a nice trip – away from other things I do and I do them in between waiting for jobs or to get myself away from the call of Facebook. Plus I learn things about what’s going on and have my opinion put forward whether products, environment and the like. On surveys I also find out new links for places for work or current sites to check out. Surveys are surprisingly good education! (I note these things  in my Bullet Journal)  I take 25 minutes to fine tune my blog post and publish it through Mailerlite. Mailerlite have changed a little for the better – I just have to remember what I did last week!

I spent 27 minutes checking and attending to email.

  • Wednesday

I did a new profile photo this week so I spent 59 minutes up-dating across all my platforms that I could think of starting from Gravatar. I noticed I have to do my blog post as I write this so another one down!  I have minor minutes thinking of what to post in a fortnight column I do for Esme Salon. I spent 15 minutes organizing some selling of Artwork for a client.

Did surveys – but only on Pure Profile – it happens to be my favourite although only  for13 minutes. Proofreading and editing for a client 21 minutes is all.  2 hours and 26 minutes were the numbers for Networking, Advertising and scheduling of posts. I had more work to do on my photo for my personal profile – 46 minutes. I did a Facebook Live with a person of interest. 1 hr 55 minutes before it was all sorted. Facebook kept saying to report the problem. Problem could have partially been me 🙂

Back to 26 minutes checking email again.

  • Thursday

Proofreading and editing for a client 50 minutes – I think I missed part of it with my Toggl button – but I have a back-up on my phone just in case. With Toggl like any Software sometimes you just have to remember to press the button! I spent 14 minutes of Personal time. Gee I like working on the computer – I spend a great deal of working time on it so I don’t get much time to buy things. Surely a win/win!

Surveys 7 mins. 2 hours 54 minutes working on research, pinning, set-up for a New client.  Whoops personal popped up again – my weekly check of personal banking 17 minutes and 18 minutes of banking for the business. Did recording of receipts for both. 2 hours 44 minutes for advertising, networking, promotion and scheduling. Time goes quickly when it’s that item!

26 minutes for checking and going through email. Quite amazed it’s the same every day. Might see if I can break the record and I mean go lower!

  • Friday

Surveys I had 17 minutes for. Learned some new things – sometimes I wish I had more time for them. There is a survey site which deals with Government issues often – MyGov  and I learn a good lot about policy and what I think.  I do like that.  2 hours and 2 minutes for research work for a new client with Pinterest.  1 hour and 37 minutes Proofreading and editing work. 49 minutes Networking, clearing Facebook which is short and sweet.

1 hr 35 minutes for Email. A blow-out – but I have been talking back and forth to old clients, potential clients and awaiting clients. It all takes time!

  • Saturday

Day of rest – thankfully.

I started work for the new week on Saturday evening 8.55pm since I got a message that one more lot of proofreading/editing that needed doing. I did 1 hour 13 minutes of networking, scheduling, advertising and that was it for Saturday night.

Email? Oh it was 11 minutes which was a relief!.

Then it starts again – but not always in the order out-lined. Normally I squeeze in my blog post on Thursday or even Wednesday if things are going to plan – but they don’t always.. Today is Sunday of my new week and I have been happy with having a day off – we went out and I touched some reptiles (first time in my life I thought I would do something different. They were snakes!)  Went to a stall that was on early in the morning to view some African Artifacts. Made 2 contacts and looks like organizing some community work – which gives balance to work.

A week in the life of a busy VA

So all up I spent 45 hours doing my work on the computer – 1 hour less than the week before – so life is full!

Now I could have put this headline as productive not just busy – but sometimes it does get “busy” on my end. I often will look at where I spend my time and re-asses about what has to be fine-tuned, dropped, changed or organized in such a way so as that I can have a good life. I love my work, love that I network and meet people. I love the individualism in the human nature and find ways to Incorporate the positives of other people’s ways in my own life.

If I happen to do VA work for you (and I would love that!)  – do read my About page – it will give you a few more clues about me.

I am blessed (thanks to my God) that I not only have flexible time to care for my husband, but also can spend time working around the home and garden. As time goes on I have learned to be content wherever I find myself. (Phil 4:11) Sometimes weeks are not so busy and other times you can be as busy as you make up your mind to be.

Oh – I don’t proofread my posts for a week – lol – so if you find an error let me know – it is so difficult to proofread your own work. Well as a VA that is 🙂

Until later!









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