Moving to a New House or Country: Things You Need to Check First

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As you might already know, there are several things you need to think about before you start a new life in a new place or in a new country. You might be young and think that you can live in a cave if you have to, but we are all used to life’s little comforts and if they are taken away, our mental health might get knocked out of balance. No matter if you are changing cities or countries, you will have to do your research to ensure that you will not end up regretting your decision. Below you will find a list of things to take into consideration.

Unpacking boxes

Give your decision to move some thought. Image via Flickr


First, you have to make sure that you can get used to the climate of the country or the region you are moving to. Even people who have moved from England to Ireland have complained that they were not prepared for that much rain, and they ended up not leaving their homes for several weeks in the winter. If you decide to move to Australia, you will have a complete shock to the system and you need to be prepared.


In case you are moving to experience new views and cultures, you will need to ensure that it is something you can get used to. For example, you might not fully understand the traditions of the country and end up in trouble. It might be a good idea to visit for a couple of weeks first, get to know people and their way of thinking, and see whether or not this is something you can get used to.


When you move house or settle in a new country, chances are that you will need to hit refresh on your life and start again. It is likely that your preferences and priorities will change after you move, and you might even discover new passion. However, if you have to give up some of your hobbies, it might not be worth the effort to relocate. If you love surfing, for example, or walks, make sure that you will have the opportunity to practice them once you have moved.


Building                                        It is crucial to check the housing market when re-locating. Image via Pixabay

It is crucial that you check the housing market at the location you have chosen to be your next home. You might find that some places are more affordable, but the quality of properties is lower. If you are moving into the city, or rent an apartment, you might need to have the number of pest controllers handy, due to the high density of people living in a small area. Likewise, if you choose a remote area, you might have to control wildlife around your home.

Health Care

Whether you are moving to a new country or region, you will have to do your research regarding the quality of healthcare in the region. You don’t want to find out that you have to travel dozens of miles to get seen by a doctor, or wait months for a specialist appointment. You can check expat forums and blogs to find out whether or not you will be able to look after your health at your new location and if you can get the treatments you need due to a long term condition.


In case you are looking to progress your career, or pick up new skills, you will have to look into the quality of education in the region. Visit local colleges and universities and read reviews, so you can choose your next course once you have relocated. If you are planning on having children, you will also have to ensure that there will be enough nurseries and schools that provide quality care and education for your family.

Cost of Living

One of the things people forget to check before they move is the cost of living. You might already have a good idea of the house prices and rent, but you will need additional services such as electricity, heating, and insurance. Generally speaking, the smaller the country is the higher the cost of living will be. For example, if you are thinking about moving to Malta you will find that a pack of Digestives costs three times more than back in England.

Road Networks and Transport

Once you have moved, you will want to be able to get around and socialize. If the roads are constantly busy, and you can’t get public transport, your choices will be limited. You have to find out about the transport system and the networks, so you are not going to end up stuck in the house. Explore as much as you can and ask the right questions when you visit the place first.

Job Opportunities


To progress your career and get a job – do check for job opportunities Image via Pixabay

If you are thinking about settling down for good, you might want to make sure that you can progress your career and get a job. If you are a qualified nurse, for example, you will be OK in most western cities, but if you are moving into a metropolis as a marketing expert, chances are that there will be too much competition for you to find a job within a realistic timescale. Check local newspapers and classified ads to get a good idea of your chances of finding a job.


In case you always wanted to visit places that are remote and ancient, you might end up disappointed. Living in the countryside and off the grid might be good for a couple of weeks, but not forever. You will need internet to keep in touch with your friends and family members and to enroll in online courses. You will need to be able to do your shopping within a reasonable distance, or you will spend too much time and money traveling. Find out about the infrastructure of the region before you commit to move there.

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If you are serious about moving to a new place and starting afresh, you will need to do your research to avoid disappointments. Check these aspects of the location to make an informed decision.


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