Interior Design Inspiration: Where are the best places to look?

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You’d love to redecorate and transform your home; you just don’t know where to start. Honestly, the beginning point is the biggest sticking point for most homeowners. Everybody gets the urge to tear the paper off the walls, yet not all of us are blessed with the foresight of direction.

In you’re one of these people, what you need is inspiration. Once you peel back the corner, the rest of the sheet whips off without a problem. Even in a world of information, it can be tricky to be decisive because there’s too much choice. Which platforms are going to provide you with the best info to renovate the property?

There are no concrete answers as you’re allowed to see creativity everywhere you look. On average though, the following places are fantastic starting points.

Interior Design magazine

Look at magazines for a valuable source of inspiration for Interior Design Photo via Pexels


Print journalism might be dying, but it isn’t dead. To this day, interior design magazines print new editions with the latest trends as well as unique tips and tricks. What’s great about magazine posts is the fact that they’re written by renowned journalists with years of experience so you know the info is legit. Sometimes, blogs are tough to believe.

Another pro of using magazines is the brain. The majority of people are visual learners and are at their best when they have inspiration to hand. With glossy mags, you can cut out the best bits and put them together to form a collage. And, you can refer back to it when you get stuck. The same goes for newspapers, but the guidelines in there are few and far between.

Subscribe to your favourites and try and use as many as possible to get an insight into the new trends as a whole. Then, you can cherry pick the best ones and try and bring them to life.


Pinterest holds a wealth of ideas. Photo via Flickr


The post-modernists among you will think “why persist with magazines when there is Pinterest?” And, you would be right if you’re the sort of person that can pin ideas on to a virtual board. Some people don’t like it because it’s not as concrete and hurts the eyes, yet it shouldn’t be a problem if none of these things is a problem.

With the search bar, you can find almost anything and save it for later. Plus, it’s free so there’s no reason to sign-up for magazine subscriptions and waste money. The only thing you should think about is how to use it correctly. After all, there is plenty of content and you want to sort through the clip art and stock photos.

As a rule, it’s best to install the “Pin It” button so that you can add things to your board with a single click. Another cool tip is to follow the people you like and “Repin” their posts. Just hover over the image and choose the “repin” button to add it to your feed.

Holiday Homes

Sometimes, you need to see it in the flesh to get the gist. Imagine all the times you’ve heard about a neighbour’s renovation and thought it was rubbish only to change your mind on viewing. Friends and family are excellent resources, yet they have similar tastes and you don’t want to copy.

With that in mind, it’s wise to be vigilant when you visit new countries and cities. Not only are the designs different, but they are relatively cheap too, which is a win-win. Whether it’s a studio apartment for rent or a hotel room with a nice shag pile, it doesn’t matter about the origin of the idea. What counts is replicating it effectively in your home.

When you do see something you like, either find out the name of the style and note it down or search it online and pin it to a board.

Show Homes

One of the problems with trying to recreate a foreign trend is finding the right balance. Certain things work better in a hotel for some strange reason rather than in a residential property in Australia. With a show home, you know it is possible to take it, make it yours, and incorporate it into your house.

Within one afternoon, you’ll see lots of weird and wonderful pieces, some you’ll love and others you’ll hate. Still, there is nothing wrong with doing the research and spying on the competition because it’s productive. It’s also free, which is a big deal.

Amazingly, the realtor will answer your questions because they want to provide as much info as possible. So, you can find out the source and go straight to the supplier.

Keep your eyes open because you never know just when a flash of creativity will grab your attention.

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