Baldness: Not just a problem for men!

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For the past few decades now, I’m sure that most of us thought baldness was just an issue for the men in our lives. It seems that going bald is a part of growing up for men, and it’s something that they have to just accept. Sure, there are a few options that they can use to try and counteract this, but most men seem quite happy to go bald even if it is a clear sign of aging.

However, some recent studies show that baldness is also an issue for women as well.Even though female baldness isn’t quite as widespread as in men, there are still lots of women who try to conceal the fact that they are losing their hair or that it is thinning out. Does this sound like you? If so, you might be happy to find out that there are a few solutions that can help you try and reverse the signs of baldness. Read on to find out more!

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Take Some Medication

First of all, if your baldness is getting quite bad and very noticeable, you might want to try taking some medication. I always say to try other options first – but some people want to look to different means to help with their hair problem and tablets may well be their first port of call. You can now buy finasteride tablets are for hair loss online that should help with your symptoms. They can help the hair to grow back just as thick as it was when you were younger. If your symptoms persist and the baldness continues, it could be worth booking an appointment with your doctor which is something that is worthwhile considering doing first so that the Doctor can systematically work out if there is something else contributing to your hair loss  If they cannot help they should be able to prescribe you some stronger medication or refer you to a specialist for treatment.

Don’t Style Hair Too Tightly

If you think that your hairline seems to be receding, it could be because you are pulling your hair back into a tight ponytail too often. If you do this repeatedly, you will keep on pulling the hairs out of your head. This shouldn’t be an issue if you only rarely style your hair so tightly, but do it too often and you will end up with a lot of hair being pulled out. If you have been guilty of this, it’s worth wearing your hair down or in loose styles for a few months to give the hairs a good chance of growing back

Use Heated Hair Tools Sparingly

Do you often straighten or curl your hair using heated tools? If so, this could be quite damaging for your hair and could quite easily promote baldness. That’s because excessive heat can damage and kill the individual hairs. Once they die, they will fall out and you will be left with a receding hairline. Ideally, you need to cut down your usage of heated tools to a maximum of twice a week. When you do use them, you should remember to apply some heat-protection spray to your hair first. This should minimize the damage done.

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Eat For Healthier Hair

DId you know that there are some foods that are known to help improve the health of hair? It’s true, and it’s a good idea to start filling your stock cupboards with them so that you can start eating them on a regular basis. For instance, you should start to incorporate plenty of leafy greens, fish, and beans into your diet as these are all very high in iron and zinc which the hair needs. If you find it hard to eat plenty of hair-healthy foods, then you might want to look for some daily supplements.

Don’t Use Too Many Chemicals On The Hair

It’s also worth trying to cut down all the chemicals that you put on your hair. For example, hair dye can be quite harsh and if you use it too often, it will make the hair brittle which can lead to it falling out prematurely. You may experience the same issue if you use particularly strong shampoos and conditioners. Ideally, you are better off using sensitive shampoos that won’t irritate your scalp and hair too much. 

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Massage The Scalp

Speaking of the scalp, it’s necessary to remember to massage it whenever you wash your hair. When you are rubbing in your shampoo and conditioner, you should spend some time gently rubbing the scalp. This will encourage the blood flow to it which, in turn, will encourage the growth of the hair. This will also help you de-stress, which is another way to encourage further hair growth.

There are plenty of things you can do to try to prevent female baldness and, hopefully, the tips above should help you grow a healthy and shiny head of locks!

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