Water truly is an amazing commodity and is something with great benefits. When young we may have turned our nose up at just having plain old water – but our parents were onto something. Water mixed with cordial, or as a soft drink or as a brown hot drink doesn’t seem to cut it with the human body. Rather like having a shower in that “mixed” liquid – the body has a great preference for just plain water on “the inside”.

Water first up in the morning

There has been many benefits attributed to having water first up when you rise in the morning (sorry coffee drinkers!) Even mixing your water with lemon juice is not as high on the list where the body is concerned. While lemon or grapefruit juice are good for a variety of reasons – just having plain water is a winner. Consider making your citrus an every so often rather than a continual habit. There are tie ins with erosion of teeth enamel if you are making citrus a habitual drink each day. Coffee actually is a diuretic and therefore causes your body to have a need for even more of the precious liquid.

Water splashing

Water the boon of heaven Image via Pixabay

Helping with weight loss

With water increasing your metabolism, your body and extra pounds will thank you for it. Sometimes you may think you are hungry when all that was required was extra water. Don’t worry – water is not your only answer to losing weight – there are quite a few changes recommended to get fit and healthy – which is a difficult process often.

There is the consideration that water helps you burn more calories  Some recommend having it cold. There is the possibility however that the body has to work harder to warm it up to body temperature. It might be better to not put the pressure on the body and have that extra walk instead!

Having water before and after a meal can help you feel like eating less. I have not been a proponent of drinking with meals but there is conflicting advice on whether it is a good idea or not. Chewing or masticating your food starts the digestion process and helps with the breaking down of food. Our stomach has good strength to deal with what we “throw at it” – but a good rule of thumb is to get to know how you feel with the life habits you bring to the table. Guzzling a great deal of fluids can cause bloating and can indicate all is not right with the important organ you have been given. Consider instead of drinking a great deal with meals – drinking about half an hour before and around 1 or 2 hours afterwards (when your food has settled).

Drinking water means you might spend less time eating and that is always a good thing. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out that one is going to help reduce your weight.

Cleansing inside and out

There are many who claim the benefits of fruit infusions in water but it seems that the liver and kidneys are just calling out for “plain old water” for the flushing and cleansing job. So while you might think plain old water is boring there was never a commodity which was truly so amazing. Your liver and kidneys will love you for making the golden choice!

Other benefits of water for your body

Being made up of over an estimated 60% of water you can tell that this fluid has an important part to play.  There are so many body functions where it is used. This includes the organs, the tissues and the cells. Water is so needed to carry out your every day functions happily. Why wouldn’t you include something so beneficial in your daily regime?

How much do you need?

I re-call back 20 years ago where 2 litres of water was recommended or 8 to 10 glasses per day. In my mind I questioned (I often do) when there is a set stance for the “norm”. I finally found that recommendation came from the WHO (World Health Organization) in the 1940’s. They didn’t actually have any science to back it up. What caused me to question this was when I saw men working in the sun and required more than double that or older more inactive petite people in the middle of winter. Both were really at a different level of needs and the “recommendation” didn’t fit that. So slowly work up to what you feel comfortable with.

I do think we don’t drink as much as our body would like and I would recommend that you increase your quantity. You will find your body wanting more as it adjusts to the new amounts. Not for me to put an amount on it – don’t over-do it – but in our huge salt dietary society more seems sorely needed..

And so…

Consider having a jug of water near you as a “healthy reminder”. Even better if your memory is up to speed – have it in anther room and get up (for exercise if you are at your office desk) regularly to partake.

Work up a habit to include it when you sit down, come home, go to the bathroom, wash your hands, before getting lunch or dinner. This is an additional way to keep healthy in a home office



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