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When you’re starting a building project on your home there’s a lot to consider, not least of which is how much it’s going to cost.


Whether you’re overhauling your bathroom, ripping out that tired old kitchen or restyling your driveway, your budget can very quickly reach capacity. When you think you have everything covered, there always seems to be a hidden cost that springs up out of nowhere. That’s why having a great working plan, combined with some money saving hacks, will help keep your project on the right financial track.

If there’s one thing that you can do to get the ball rolling it’s to have some kind of task-oriented list. If you’re not committed to pen and paper, there are some fantastic apps out there to help you create everything from Gantt charts to tick box task lists.

The beauty of using this kind of software is that if you have multiple people working on your project, an architect or plumber for example, you can share the list with them and see progress with every task they tick off.


Shop around and find an app that helps you get organised and stay in control.


Next on the list is going through your budget and seeing where you might be able to save some money. For example if you look online for the lowest price skip hire you might end up hiring from an out of state company, but the saving will be worth it. On the subject of skips, there are some ways of reducing this cost too by only hiring the size you need, don’t max out, booking well in advance and only for a set time. These will all help to keep your costs well down.


Everyone from lifestyle bloggers to architects will tell you that having realistic expectations of the timeframe of your project is one way to ensure you’ll stay on budget. If your kitchen revamp means you have to stay in a hotel or with friends, find out, as much as you can, how long the job will take and set a generous budget to cover all eventualities.


Avoid having an open-end budget. This will almost certainly lead to spending far above your projected costs and leave you with a gaping hole in your finances.


Take a good look through your plans and see if you can spot any more hidden costs that might be waiting in the shadows. Have you considered any permits you might need or extra permission from your planning regulator?


Giving your home a whole new lease of life is exciting and hard work but keeping a lid on your budget by accounting for all eventualities is a sure fire way of saving money and avoiding being stung by a surprise bill.


Shop around for the best people to have on your job and have them fully on board with how you want the project to run, then sit back and watch as you see that to-do list slowly shrinking towards your ideal home.

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