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It happens to us all at one point or another. We get a little bit bored of the same type of jeans and t-shirt every day – but it’s been so long since you tried anything new you probably can’t really remember what your actual style is. If you are looking for quick and easy ways to have some fun with your style and appearance, then look no further! Each item on the list can be done in under 5 minutes – perfect for time-poor individuals or super busy mums.


  1. Check in with your skin. If you sit in front of a computer all day, or perhaps you walk a lot, your skin can really begin to show the signs of aging, pollution, and damage. While a lot of damage isn’t totally reversible and of course getting a few wrinkles and fine lines are to be expected as the years go by there is nothing to say your skin needs to suffer. In under 5 minutes each morning and evening you can get a whole routine down.


  1. Tone
  2. Serum
  3. Moisturize


    1. Night cream
    2.  Eye cream


And that is it. You can use simple products that pack a decent punch. The Ordinary is reasonably priced, and they are a cult product for a reason. Use a 5-minute face mask each week, and you will overhaul your skin in no time.


  1. Swap your foundation. Many of us find a product we love and stick with it year in and year out. The only problem with that is, your skin changes year and on year and what works for you a few years ago might not work now. Or, perhaps you haven’t even been one for a foundation. You can apply a beautiful sheer BB or CC cream in around 2 minutes in the morning. Choose something hydrating to complement all that work you’ve been doing on your skin routine and aim for something that evens out your complexion. Luminous skin looks healthy, and a great BB/CC cream can achieve that super quickly.


  1. The eyes have it! One of the swiftest ways to change your look is by changing your eye color. You can opt from something more natural like blues and brown, or maybe something more unusual like pink or purple. In case you’re not sure where to look for the most ‘eye-catching’ designs here is a suggestion – eContactlenses.


  1. Higher hemline. If you are forever living in jeans or leggings, change it up and opt for a skirt, shorts or some trousers with a different cut. High waisted jeans to show off your hips and waist, or maybe some comfy legging? People get used to seeing you in the same thing, and we get used to the same thing too. In general, it is essential that you feel happy and comfortable in whatever you wear, and that will shine through!


  1. Go nude… Or red! When it comes to getting a massive boost in confidence and changing your look in a matter of seconds, good red lipstick or a creamy nude shade are going to be your best buddies. There are some reds that are strong favorites in the beauty community like MAC Ruby Woo and Russian Red, and of course, the gorgeous mauve toned nude Velvet Teddy. If you aren’t a fan of MAC, then check out the super cool l.f Red Carpet.


  1. Hairstyle or color. So maybe this one won’t take five minutes… but it worth the extra. Much like the outfit you wear the most, you might end up with the same cut and color for years because it’s easy. Or, you might be firmly living in mom bun mode 99% of your days. Rather than damaging your hair with all of those hard hairbands or heat, opts for soft ties instead. Home color kits are great and can be super nourishing at the same time as changing your hair color. There are many DIY videos for cutting your hair, but maybe it is est to avoid that and go to a professional. If you don’t want to cut or color your hair, then a simple change of the placement of your parting can do wonders. Changing something like this changes how your face is framed and can have a really big impact.


  1. Tone it down. If you are always wearing a full face, then why not strip it back to the bare essentials (or maybe nothing at all!). You might be surprised at how you feel wearing less. Sometimes less really is more and who knows how much time you might save every day. It might just be that you swap out your extra black eyeliner and mascara for a lighter brown or even clear. See what you feel comfortable with!


  1. Much like your hairstyle, your eyebrows can work wonders on your hair. If you’ve never had them shaped before then, you might be surprised at just how much of a difference it can make. There are a few methods too, you might like to get them waxed or threaded, or plucked in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps you really don’t want anyone faffing about removing your brow hair, then learning to shape them with pencils, gels and powders might just be a lot of fun. Once you have mastered what works best for you, you can change your face in minutes with a great brow.

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  1. If you aren’t looking to do your makeup, but you want a quick way to fix things like fine lines, large pores, discoloration and wake your skin up a little bit then a ‘does it all quick’ cream   like This Works In Transit Camera Close Up is a wonder-worker. It is like a primer, moisturizer, facemask and sun cream all in one.


  1. It takes 12 weeks to either break or creates a new habit, with a little bit of daily dedication you can revolutionize your facial routine, introduce new cuts of clothing, and a have a little fun with your appearance.

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