You might look at your garden from time to time through your back window or patio doors and mutter to yourself, “I really should do something about the garden”. Unless you’re forced to see it regularly, the garden is prone to take a back seat in your list of priorities, especially through the colder months. To put an end to your negative feelings, you could begin designing your backyard to make it as lovely as your home is on the inside. To do this you simply need three things; a mood board, some practical thinking and a drawing of your garden.

Mood Board

All great ideas are articulated best firstly by creating a brainstorm of some description, and the mood board is particularly perfect for conveying ideas, images, and designs to demonstrate the style and feel you want your garden to emulate.


On your journey as a garden designer become familiar with the many styles of the garden out there to help you decide which one fits your personality and style. For example, Scandinavian (simple and minimal), nautical (blue, white and gold colour scheme), cottage style (an abundance of wildflowers and a cobbled path). By sifting through magazines and online images, start picking, cutting, plucking and sticking your ideas onto a board. However, don’t feel limited to solely picking out specific garden design styles, as you may prefer a combination of a few. For instance, you may opt for geometric patterned fabric for the outdoor cushions and a steel/glass outdoor table to represent a modern feel. You’re not restricted to magazines cuttings either, for instance, a few grey pebbles you find on a walk may encourage you to create a grey pebble path to the edge of the garden. Pick it up, pop it in your pocket (providing it’s not someone else’s gardens pebbles) and stick it on your board.  


Image credit Pixabay


Think Practically

Following sticking together a collage of images, it’s time to trim back the fat and work out what is practical for your garden and lifestyle. If you have small children, the deep koi fish pond you dream of may not be a wise choice. If you barely have the time to spare to take care of your garden as it is your love of pruned bushes and topiary balls may need to make way for a more practical option, such as faux greenery requiring none of the maintenance but all of the visual appeal. If you love to entertain with BBQ parties throughout the summer for your friends and family, you may choose to build a durable low maintenance decking for entertaining guests. Opposed to the traditional timber/wood decking which requires painting and protecting regularly to save it from appearing shabby and worn. By sifting through your mood board, you can decide what is and isn’t practical to create a balance between style and functionality.

Garden Drawing

You don’t have to be an artist to create a rough guide for your garden, in fact, the drawing stage can be quite fun in bringing your ideas together. Simply sketch the shape of your garden and any permanent fixtures (such as; a shed, water butt, fencing and back gate etc) within it on a piece of graph paper. Once you have the basics, you can begin adding your ideas to your garden drawing. Ensure you create a few drafts for different styles to choose between and carefully highlight the different fixtures and design elements. Such as labelling the planters, decking area, path, lighting, children’s play area, BBQ area and so on. Draw sections for each part of the part of the garden each element will encapsulate.


With a mood board, your practical options and a rough garden design, you have the foundation for building your own garden and tailoring it to something you and your family will appreciate. Now, all it takes is for you to begin ordering the greenery, decking, paving and lighting to make it happen in preparation for summer 2019!


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