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CCTV security systems are widely implemented all over the country. From home use to business purposes; all premises have found a use for the ground-breaking technology. However, a lot of people make the pivotal mistake of neglecting their CCTV system.


Once their security system has been installed at their home, they merely forget about it and don’t carry out any maintenance. This is a big mistake. Think about it generally; all technology needs some tender love and care. If you didn’t clear up your laptop or use a security programme then you would be attacked by a wealth of viruses and your system would be very slow.

If you want to make sure your CCTV security system is effective at all times then CCTV maintenance is quite frankly a must. Otherwise, you may find that you have spent a great deal of money on expensive equipment that may not even be working properly or at least to an optimum level.


If you are older or know someone who is older and lives in one of the available granny flats over here, have it maintained. Make an effort to maintain the older person’s security system for them. Often those who are older are at most at risk of having a security system installed have one that does not work. Here are some tips to help…


Simple but effective CCTV maintenance

When it comes to CCTV footage it’s not merely a case of your security system works or it doesn’t. You need to make sure that the footage gained is as clear as possible so that the police can identify anyone who has committed a crime. To give further insight, one extremely simple yet often overlooked activity you need to do is check that your cameras are in focus. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? However, there are so many people who forget about this.


You should also make sure that the lenses are clean at all times too. This is especially the case when the CCTV cameras are situated in an atmosphere that easily attracts dirt.


In addition to this, you should make sure you test your CCTV’s footage and playback quality on a frequent basis. You need to make sure this feature is working properly. After all, you may be able to visually see live shots from your CCTV system, but when you go to playback the recordings you may find an issue. This would be extremely frustrating if you needed to show the police footage of a crime.


Final words

CCTV security systems are extremely useful in the modern day. They go a long way to protecting premises and catching any intruders. However, they will only be effective if regular CCTV maintenance is carried out.


You need to carry out regular checks in order to ensure that your security system is working to optimum levels at all times. Make sure the camera is in focus, the lenses are clean, and that the playback feature works properly. If you note that there is a problem with your CCTV system you need to seek the help of professionals immediately. Don’t wait around – there is no time to waste when it comes to looking after your assets.


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