Build A Hobby Room and Discover Your Happy Place

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Hobbies have a bad reputation. They’ve long been perceived as the kind of activities you abandon as an adult. Many adults still believe that hobbies are for children only. In reality, everybody needs a hobby as it gives you the opportunity to develop a relaxing and creative space for self-growth. A hobby doesn’t have to provide you with professional skills that will get you your next managerial role. On the contrary, it’s all about interrupting the stressful and fast-paced reality to make something for yourself. You might develop your flexibility, your creativity or even your sense of colors through the process – depending on the kind of activities you choose – but ultimately, the purpose is to find happiness in an activity that isn’t linked to your work life.

As a result, websites such as Etsy and Instagram, have provided hobbyists with a platform to share their creations. Etsy users can even sell their creations and build a side-hustle through creative crafts such as crochet, sewing, painting or even jewelry-making. Instagram users prefer to connect to inspiring accounts that make them forget they need to get up early on the next day to go to work.

In other words, if you have decided that this year will be a happy year, you need to make room in your life for a hobby. You have to build your hobby room!

Hobby room

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Make it warm and comfortable

It doesn’t matter what your hobby is, whether you are an enthusiastic yoga student or an imaginative bookworm. Your hobby gives you a bubble of peacefulness you need in day-to-day life. Consequently, the first thing you need to do is to find a cozy and quiet space at home to make it your hobby room. You don’t need much more than a single corner with a source of warmth if you’re building a reading nook, for instance. Lovely I find in winter! The combination of a soft blanket and a heating system can be all the comfort you need. For spaces where you can’t install new heating units, have a look at these ultimate wood heaters that are all available as free-standing units. For a yoga spot, you just need to add a mat on the floor. (My yoga mat can often double up as padding for my feet when on my stand-up desk – but that’s another story!)   In short, you don’t need to break the bank to make it work.

Keep it organized

DIY and craft enthusiasts know that their hobby can take up a lot of room. That’s why it’s crucial to establish an organized system from the start so that you can manage your activities and creations without taking over your entire decor if that is an issue.  A good size chest of drawers, shelves – particularly Ikeas cube nesting shelves. I’m sure it must be one of their best sellers. I have two myself for craft storage and find them great for making up organized sections for different needed items. Easier to find things!

Storage can be the perfect background for makers – dressmakers, jewelry-makers, scrap-book makers, etc. You’ll find yourself a lot more relaxed as well if you don’t have to worry about finding your material. I will put a big but here about not taking over your area – for being a crafter myself and having a crafter husband you can accumulate quite a bit of – well – “craft” materials. While it is good to have it stored there are some advantages to having a current project spread out while “in process” and not having to pack it away.

Finding where to start

Last, but not least, your hobby room needs love and attention, aka it needs a decor. Take a look at Pinterest for inspiration. You don’t need to overdo it. With a fresh coat of paint on the wall and the desk, you can turn a spare bedroom into a budget-friendly craft room, for instance. Don’t forget to have a wall space to hang up some craft either – it’s a perfect place for it I find!

Happiness is about making time for what you love. Whether you enjoy reading, sewing, painting or even stretching, make your hobby welcome at home.


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