Making Your Home All About You

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Our homes can say a lot about us. The types of colours we choose for decor can determine the type of personality we have Also the way we organise things in our home can be an indication of the type of person we are around the home. For example, someone that loves to keep things in an orderly fashion might enjoy feeling in control. They like to know where everything is and they know where to find certain items that they might need. I find that I am a little on both ends of the scale since my husband and I are differing styles – what about you?


Your home probably already has a couple of telltale features that scream “you”. If you’d like to take it further and truly make your home all about you, then here are a couple of useful tips to follow.  If you have a partner often they will work in with you or rather let you have free reign to make the home a great place for both of you and your children if you still have them at home.

Add things to the ceilings


Whether it’s unique lamp shades, exotic chandeliers or even hanging potted plants, don’t forget that there’s a lot of space on your ceilings that can be used to add a little decor customisation. It’s an often underrated area to stretch your creative muscles and you’ll be surprised at how effective it can be for personalising your home if the ceilings are currently a blank canvas.

I have often seen pots in the kitchen hanging from either a ladder or a set out square or rectangle of nice timber work. While I haven’t been in the situation that can fit that in – I admire the look. Often I have seen Copper pots added in this situation – which has a great aesthetic feel.


Introduce scents that you love


Everyone has a scent that they enjoy and there are countless ways to enjoy them. You can even add a different scent to every room thanks to easy-to-use reed diffusers and candles that take effect almost instantly. In fact, you could even take advantage of aromatherapy scents for some positive benefits like stress reduction as soon as you enter a room.

Consider a potpourri blend for a bowl in any room including the toilet or bathroom. You can even get crafty and have a sweet smelling hobby room where you make up some amazing blends. 

                                                                         Image via Canva

Add appliances that you’ve always wanted


Have you always wanted to add some appliances to your home but never gathered the courage to do so? Perhaps installing it seemed expensive or maybe you didn’t want to because you were afraid of what your friends and family might think. Whether it’s a fireplace from Illusion Fires, a projector for your film-related passions or something simple like dimmable lights to make your bedroom a little more romantic, there are plenty of little appliances to add which can make your home all about you.

Often the kitchen is the women’s domain but never fear the man can make his presence felt too with his favourite recipes on the agenda. Take into account his choices so that he really feels at home in the kitchen. Making it a place you both love to work in makes it an inviting place. 



Fill the walls with things you love


Much like ceilings, walls are blank canvases most of the time. Consider adding paintings, framed photographs or even posters to the walls in your home for a personal touch. You could even consider installing a shelf onto your walls to add something like memorabilia from your travels or collections of little trinkets that you have stored away in your cupboards. There are plenty of different choices you can pick from and it all depends on your imagination.


Clutter can sometimes be fine

Homes aren’t a cheap investment and since we’re going to be spending so much time in them, it’s a good idea to invest a little extra so that we get some added personalisation to truly make us feel at home. It’s not expensive to carry out some of these improvements that we’ve spoken about in this blog post and they’re mostly quite simple to do.

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