There’s nothing that matches the excitement of discovering a little bit of Heaven not far from home. If you’re thinking of clear water, beautiful sky and vibrant fauna, you’re on the right track. Australia offers a mesmerising diversity of natural wonders. If in this new year you feel like you’ve already lost your mojo and you’re falling into the dullness of a day-after-day routine, you might want to plan an exhilarating and exciting getaway break in one of those gorgeous nature-friendly islands:

Rottnest Island Wildlife Quokka Australian Animal

Rottnest Island Wildlife Quokka Australian Animal

Nothing like the only place on earth with sand rainforest

The Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. Because of its unique position and fauna, you can book a fantastic day tour with FraserFree to explore the many wonders of the island. Did you know that Fraser island is the only place on the planet where you can find lush rainforest growing in the sand? This unique feature in combination with what is said to be the oldest dunes on earth has given the island a World Heritage title. In the native Butchulla people’s language, the island is known as paradise, or K’gari, and you only need to set foot in this marvel of fauna, flora and freshwater lakes to understand why.

A detour away from commercial breaks

Kangaroo Island used to be inhabited by native Aboriginal Australians, but by the early 19th century it had become a settlement for sealer and whalers. As a result, the island has been left reasonably undamaged by urban landscapes, and the little towns you can find don’t have that commercial persistence you are used to seeing. Everything feels friendly and casual on this island that combines agricultural economy and vast natural reserves. You can enjoy this break away from modern life stress and fast pace. And why not take the time to visit some of the local farms – you’ll love the Ligurian bees’ honey which comes from a pure-bred and disease-free population.

Home of the Quokka

The quokka is a sweet-natured marsupial that is about as tall as a cat with the tail of a rat. Its natural habitat is the Rottnest Island. Quokkas have even given the island its name when they were first observed in the late 17th century by Dutchmen who described the creature as a kind of rat and named the island, rat’s nest or Rotte Nest which evolved into the name we know. Friendly by nature, the quokkas have been immortalised through selfies in recent years, proving their reputation for happiness.

There are daily ferry services to Rottnest Island from the state of Western Australia’s capital Perth. The island is afforded the highest level of protection for public land and it being an A Class reserve you can easily see why. 

On top of a volcano

Last, but not least, Lord Howe Island was the product of fierce volcanic activity. Set on top of a volcano, erosion has reduced the island to 2% of its original size. The size is mesmerising, as it is covered almost entirely in its original forest. The only feasible way to visit the island is to fly from Sydney or Brisbane as there is no boat service. With very few cars on the island itself, you might find yourself travelling on a donkey’s back! But the experience will be one of a kind and is a worthwhile endeavour. Like many of the Islands you will meet and come in contact with the warmth and friendliness of the Australian people which is an extra bonus.

In conclusion, if you need inspiration for a weekend getaway, you’ll find these gorgeous islands tick all the boxes. They’re beautiful. They are protected regions with a diversity of plants and animals like you’ve never experienced before. But, more importantly, they’re everything you need to recharge your batteries!  

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