How to Have Grey Hair and Be Happy and Chic

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Do you remember when your hair was all the one colour and grey hair wasn’t an option? Where you never even struggled with it changing at all? You can feel unhappy with your head of hair which may not know what it wants to do. Maybe a good dash of salt and pepper (as it is called), or your hair has become thinner along with all the bits of grey fighting to gain control. How can you ever be happy with what nature has called out to become a different  shade or even think chic!?


You are individual and so is your hair


Rather like plus size clothing  that is often not made to suit every size, hair doesn’t seem to conform to just going at a steady rate or behaving itself. Some heads of hair are something we can admire. But others we wonder how we can work to make them look reasonable. You are not alone. Many of us have more “bad hair days” than we can remember in the past as time goes on.Your hair may become courser, flyaway, frizzy, crinkly or thinner and sometimes not so great when all at the same time.The thing is to adjust to what nature brings our way in a positive way.


There are people who grow grey earlier in life and some a great deal later. When I was in my 20’s a girlfriend of mine let me know she had been fully grey at 19. I had not known that she was grey at all as she had always dyed her hair (particularly well I might add). You would never have known since dye can hide a great deal. Then when I was 35 my grandmother of 77 rang me to ask if I had any grey hair? (I was hesitant since I had pulled out a few “silvers”)  I said “No grandma”. She was triumphant – “Well neither have I!” Grandma had pure black hair. My father even now only has grey on his sideburns.

Well we can’t all put in an order for hair as we want although we may make a few adjustments! Start doing some research about what you can change.


Grey hair woman blow drying her hair

Find ways to do the best you can do with what  you have. Stock Photo from CookieStudio/BigStockPhotol


What causes grey hair?


While age is normally attributed to having grey hair – the two cases I sighted above shows that is not normally the case. The extremes of having grey hair at 19 or no grey hair at 77 shows how varying causes may be.So whether you have grey hair at a young age –  here are causes and some possible causes (although the last 3 may not be a confirmation):


  • Genetic
  • Stress (not confirmed)
  • Lack of nutrition (not confirmed)
  • Some illnesses (not confirmed)

So as you can see Genetics is the highest on the list and often thought of as the one and only. We are often told that when many of the things are given out in life Genetics play the key roll.

You may not be able to do anything about genetics but you maybe able to incorporate some changes with the others. Melanin loss is said to be the actual cause of the hair changing to grey. The hair has pigment cells where melanin gives your hair it’s colour. With the loss it slowly goes to grey and even to white when the cells lose all of the Melanin.

Woman with grey stripe of hair

Roma with a grey stripe- We are individual and even our hair shows that. Advanced Style – Ari Seth Cohen


Different shades of grey hair


Not many people that I have heard of go grey overnight. It is normally a slow process. Often thinning hair can be a problem too though. There can even be baldness in patches or more.


You can choose to grin and bear it, dye it or find a chic hair style that can be modern and give you a whole new look. Whether you have your hair colours fighting or not you can choose to have a style that is edgy and overlooks the mix of colour with grey. Have a style that suits what your hair is going through now even with that “mix” of say black and


A good hair stylist is worthwhile looking for who understands how you want to deal with your shades of hair. Don’t always think that the first one you go to has a natural affinity for how to treat your hair and “it’s ways”. You will be satisfied when you have that “someone” who will work to get your hair looking fabulous. Don’t settle for mediocre. 


Making sure that your hair is complimentary to your skin tones is also important and will give you a much better look..


Shampoo for grey hair


Apparently because grey hair “can” be less porous like non-grey hair but it has the added “hiccup” of being able to absorb pollution and can become orange or yellow easily. The term “Porous Hair” refers to its ability to absorb moisture and is the opposite of  resistant hair ..Here is a simple test to see which kind of hair you have  Low porous hair means you can be resistant to moisture (mine is!) and means you need to use products to help your hair retain moisture.  If your hair is highly porous and often prone to frizz as a result this is where deep conditioning comes into play.

 If you are going to use any non-tested natural remedy on yourself – do a very small test on outer edges first just to be safe.I know that my hairdresser says that coconut oil is very difficult to wash out unless you are swimming in the sea. Sea water can get almost anything out (the surfies use it to protect their hair)- for those who have tried a round of coconut oil with problems.Apple Cider vinegar can leave brown or yellow marks so be careful here too.

If thinning hair is an issue try some recommended shampoos for volumising or for some easy home remedies which are easy to try and rarely are a problem for your hair. If your hair is thinning more than you think is average talk to your Doctor about it to make sure there is no underlying cause. Since your hair texture changes and the properties are different your shampoo needs to echo this in your choices.

Women with Grey hair and blue stripe holding white dog

Dolores – Grey hair with blue stripe. Don’t be afraid to venture to be a little different if you wish.
Advanced Style – Ari Seth Cohen

How to get rid of grey hair or reverse grey hair


Sorry to say but there seems no studies that support being able to get rid of grey hair. While a lack of B12 apparently can hasten grey hair onset and sometimes illnesses play a part –  there is nothing you can take it seems to reverse the condition.


Other than dyeing your hair there doesn’t seem any reputable options for changing the grey or the grey mix. However you could take some before and after shots and try some natural food intake This should not cause any harm and may well be helpful in other areas of your health.


The main thing with any change that comes into your life is to accept what you cannot change and change what you can. Plus a good dash of wisdom and finding out what the difference is. Acceptance is key here and will help you become happier and a great person to be around.

Sometimes people will often associate an older person (sometimes even just over 30) with complaining about their situation, negative comments and sometimes the woahs of their physical condition. Work through what you can and Trust that you can be given the strength to adjust. Grey hair seems a small problem in comparison – don’t you think?


Food we feed our hair


I could list a good lot of individual food here to include in your diet to help your health. But I think we all know that including food groups such as :

  • Leafy greens
  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Fruits

These are all helpful in many ways so including them in your daily regime is a win/win in many quarters not just for feeding your hair.


There are recommendations for supplements often for health and I know that in certain situations they can be helpful. I always use caution whenever they are involved since I know that the best we can do is finding the best produce possible to include in our lifestyles. I aim for as chemical free as possible and know that God must feel sad about some of the mess we are leaving in our World.


Mainly remember that eating your food with a happy heart and not focusing on living to eat but eating to live.

Woman with grey fringe and black hair

Monique Fallecker – Our hair goes through a certain time frame if we are growing out our grey hair
Advanced Style – Ari Seth Cohen. 



Growing out grey hair


There is a transition period for growing out your hair time-wise, if you have previously dyed your hair.


I myself used henna – first because it was as natural as I could get and second because it made my hair feel super good for over a month. I did have issues with having to upkeep it every 6 weeks – so made the big leap to let the grey “come forth”.


The time period for me was 16 months – but I had a shorter cut to bring the length back to where the grey met my scalp. I do have brunette running through my hair so the grey hasn’t taken over just yet. Be patient with your hair and get your hair styled well to make you feel good and also having a chic cut makes up for your times of change. There are many grey hair styles to choose from but you may have to adjust with certain idiosyncrasies that come with each of our own heads of hair.


Final thoughts


To embrace your grey and who you are is at the bottom of being happy with where you are at. Consider that many people think that you have beautiful grey hair and all the wisdom that comes with the “experience”. 

Be happy with who you are and pair your chic hair style with some great clothing too!

Grey hair woman in black and sunglasses

Helen Lyall – Be proud of who you are – Grey Hair and all                      Advanced style – Ari Seth Cohen 

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