To Bidet or Not to Bidet?

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Every room in our homes has a certain purpose that in many ways benefits our well being. When it comes to bathrooms, a bidet is certainly a fixture that brings health advantages, but also many more. This French invention was recognized as important from the day it was invented in the 17th century.

At first, when plumbing wasn’t available, the bidet was a simple contraption kept in the bedrooms. But in the 20th century, the development of modern sewer systems moved bidets to the bathroom where it was installed from then on. However, people often wonder whether to use the bidets, and these facts give a perfect answer to that question.


1.   Choose a bidet and go green


Every year, millions of trees are cut down and turned into toilet paper. This process requires large amounts of water measured in millions of gallons, as well as energy and chemicals. In order to create white and colored toilet paper, manufacturers use toxic chemicals like chlorine and paints.

All these factors are harmful to the environment and in turn endanger human, animal and plant life. The vapors of the manufacturing process, amount of water and destruction of forests destroy ecosystems and lead to climate changes. On the other hand, a bidet is a onetime purchase which spends considerably less water and energy which makes it an eco-friendly choice. Thus, the resources invested in the production of bidets are less aggressive than those needed for the toilet paper industry.


2.   A bidet is a budget-friendly investment


Bidets vary in prices depending on what type you intend to install in your bathroom. The better the features the higher the price, but even then it is a sound investment. You will buy a bidet once and use it for many years before replacing it with a new one.

Even the most luxurious ones which can cost as much as $2.000 are a reasonable price to pay for the commodities it brings. Additionally, you will reduce the use of toilet paper and improve your health which will positively affect your budget. So, in a long run, bidets will actually save you money no matter the price you paid for it or renovations you had to undertake it to mount it.


3.   It will keep you healthy


Usually, talking about the private parts makes people uncomfortable and want to switch the subject. However, genital health is very important for overall well being and a bidet is one of the ways to keep it in check. This bathroom fixture benefits both the male and female population no matter if they already have any underlying health issues.

Bidets remove bacteria which can lead to all sorts of infections like the ones most commonly caused by Escherichia coli. Urinary tract infections can occur no matter the age or gender, so a bidet helps keep the private parts clean and removes bacteria.

Also, bidets eliminate the use of toilet paper which can cause irritation and is too aggressive in certain conditions. It helps keep the private parts clean and prevent worsening of certain conditions like hemorrhoids or after-childbirth surgical interventions.

Bidet in bathroom

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4.   There is a type to fit any preference


When someone mentions a bidet, you probably think of the bathroom fixture resembling a toilet seat with its own plumbing system. And that would be a correct idea you have about bidets, but there is more to this remarkable invention. They come in different types and you can easily find the one that suits your preferences. In a better-equipped bidet shops you can find a bidet toilet that suits your needs the best.

Besides the mentioned standalone bidet fixture, there are less luxurious and space-consuming solutions. You can buy bidet seats and attach them to the toilet, or just buy the nozzle system and install it on your existing one. There are complete toilets with already integrated bidet units so you can choose this option right from the start and save a considerable amount of space.


5.   Bidets offer comfort


Besides varying in type, bidets also offer a variety of features depending on your budget and preferences. Therefore, you can control the temperature of water to your liking and have a more comfortable experience. Also, certain bidets come with an option to warm up the seat for you and some even can play music.

Of course, there are those that have a dryer so you don’t need to wipe yourself with a towel after washing your nether regions. Some even suck out all the odors from the room and use special agents on the bowl to help with flushing. And all this you can control with a remote controller, although even the simplest function like spraying is enough to make you feel comfortable.




Bidets may not be considered a necessity yet, but it’s a useful bathroom fixture that has benefits to human health. And besides eliminating dangerous bacteria and providing hygiene, it also offers comfortable experience and a cost-effective solution. Lastly, the ecological aspects are beneficial to the environment and will save natural resources, as well as contribute to the improvement of the climate.

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Note from Deborah: We have an aging population and Bidets can be successfully used and helpful for older people and the elderly as well as younger people while living in their own home. For older people – particularly if they have issues with getting around easily (although there are some younger people with illness issues) toileting can be a lot less stressful. with the added benefit of  extra hygiene which is a plus.

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