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Your coming to that time of year where there is a seasonal change. Your closet needs a good and thorough overhaul and yes organising. Somehow though it seems to have gotten away from you.. You want things to be in such an orderly manner so that you can locate what you want easily and not be in such disarray.  Here are some ways to go about it as the change of weather comes on. But then alas – you hit “The good, the bad and the ugly!” The good is okay – but the rest!


Unload your clothing – out of there!


Make your bed up nice and straight – since it’s going to be on the pile of a receiving end of piles of clothes while you go about sorting. Spread your clothing out – in piles (see below) if you can . Do empty out drawers, the closet and any other “shelters” for your clothing.


This is also a good time just to give your clothing places a good wipe over and clean out. Makes them and you “feel good”.Now you may not need to be told that – – but honestly we need reminding that cleanliness is next to well “tidiness and better things”. 


Tackle the good, the bad and the ugly in your closet 


What you know is good:


  • The clothing still fits
  • It is styled well and is a classic and not a bad trend choice
  • You really like it.
  • You have not long purchased it and it may need altering by a seamstress to look even better.
  • You wear it a great deal of the time.
  • Your friend or friends agree that it looks good on you!


What you know is bad:


  • The garment has lost its shape
  • It was a bad choice when you purchased it and still is
  • It has faded (And worse – in different spots!)
  • It is white – or rather was and now it’s a grey colour. (You knew you should have been more careful when washing it!)
  • It has stains that make it unwearable when you go out of the house. Plus you decided that you wanted to have clothes that you wore out to special places in great condition. If it can’t be fixed – you know where this one will go to!
  • The fringe, beading is coming off
  • You washed it with something woolly or shedding and it was black and you will never be able to get all those “white bits” off.
  • It is redeemable but has some mending (little amounts) needed here and there. It is in the bad pile – and thus needs work.
  • It is a good fabric but the patterning and the colouring don’t make you look as attractive as you once thought. It was after all a trend..
  • You left 1/2 a pizza in there! – I hope not – but just in case – it would now be really bad.


What you know is ugly:


  • The garment may not be ugly to someone else – but you discovered it was the wrong colour choice for you and needs a new home desperately.
  • It is a bad trend disaster. Don’t do that again!
  • It is not a good fabric and does not drape well or sit well on your body shape
  • You have held onto it for sentimental reasons – but it wasn’t attractive then and still isn’t!
  • It is torn in a place that can’t be resurrected – even if you had a go at up cycling it – it would take a magician to make it look beautiful again.
  • The fabric is well past its prime and is so thin – you can almost see through it. That old favourite has to be replaced!
  • You left a garment that didn’t get  laundered. The moths got to it and it’s not a pretty sight!


Sorting the pile to be packed away


Okay now we have that sorted. Your bed is awash with lots of clothing. Hopefully just one season’s worth since you packed last seasons away so well. (At least you are going to do it better this time!)




  • Leave quite a few of your best items for when the season isn’t really set in concrete yet. Have them easily available and not with the new seasons clothing. Put them on hooks, behind doors or on special shelving.
  • Sort through those items which you know needs a wash and freshen before packing them away.
  • Decide which items can be donated, used for rags, upcycled for other projects or given to your best friend who did admire the colour and it probably suits her “better”.
  • Have prepared sealed suitable containers – that you can slip on the top shelves of closets, under beds or in spare cupboards. I have used cardboard boxes for short term storage – but be aware – depending on the items – some delicate clothing could be open to being attacked by vermin.
  • Next fold and pack tight into containers and put away into your well-chosen storage places.
  • Include accessories – such as jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats. I have only worked with clothing here – but your accessories are just as much in the mix as well. It also has issues that come under the good, the bad and the ugly. So have them sorted too.


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Bringing out the new season’s clothing


Now – bring out “what you did to last year’s clothing store of items”. Hopefully it has been kept safe and secure in the dark or cool in neat containers or neatly folded in drawers. If not –  once you have put away this season’s start sorting carefully through what you have. Yes – repeat the good, the bad and the ugly again!


Once you have completely sorted through your items do the following


Start sorting your new season’s clothing into place


Short on space


Before we get right into that – let’s look at your resources. You may have a confined space to store your clothing because you have small closets, little space and/or lots of clothing. If you find you have a great deal of clothing – you might wish to check out this Life Hacker on ways you can organise around your lack of space. You can inveriable double up – squeeze things in and also make use of some good inventions – like backs of doors, extra hooks and doubling up of using your accessories like handbags by sorting other things into them..


How to sort


Do make use of good hangers that don’t leave marks in your clothing. You may not have the space for the thick wide wooden hangers but use ones that are thicker than wire ones. These I don’t recommend for looking after your clothing well. Have some handcrafted and covered hangers for some of your special outfits that need good care and presentation.


It is popular to sort your clothing by different methods that work for you. If you have tried one method and it didn’t work – take it up a notch and try something different:

  • Hang clothing in your closet or nestle clothing in drawers with like colours put together. Categorise how you like – make it an attractive rainbow feature. There is also different ways you can fold clothing so it fits in tightly and vertical.
  • Put outfits made up together
  • Put different types of clothing together. ie – all the blouses, all the skirts, all the jeans.
  • You can use a combination – sort by clothing type and then sort by colour.
  • With patterns you can pop them towards the nearest colouring of your other items or pop them into a group all on their own.


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Maintenance and upkeep of your closet now it’s sorted


You may have a love/hate relationship with organising but that may very well be as you seem to never be on top of it. Life and work gets in the way. Don’t beat yourself up about it – but try and implement a few of the following to help you out. You can never expect to get everything done perfectly. Just be happy with getting a semblance of order and let the perfectionism go.

  • Have hooks behind your door or a space on a shelf where you put items to re-wear the next day or within the week (if possible)
  • When it’s washing time (you may not have a particular day) – have a quick scout around and a bit of a clear up of what needs to go out. Be hard if possible – because clothing that has been freshened up and also keeps your room clear is a win/win.
  • Send an email to yourself and snooze it. Act on it when it comes up so that you will go through some of your items (now in season). This to neaten up and organise any “shifting piles” and hanging items that need to be brought to “order”.


Finally your closet (hopefully) is well organised


Sometimes tidying up and organising may seem a thankless job. But do remember you can think of it as sedentary exercise, it gets you off sitting, it can be a good challenge and you know what best of all is? You have a cleaned up closet! Yay!  


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