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A mature woman model could be your “call”. There is a changing movement towards the older woman. Over 40, over 50s, over 60s and beyond are now finally getting a look in with the styling of clothing  (and the hair too!) Pro-aging is becoming noticeable if you can just look for the glitter of it as women are starting to push boundaries. Women even over 50 and 60 feel they themselves are at the point of a coming of age and at a good time in their lives.  These women are not set in the age points that their mothers and grandmothers were. There is a lightening up and an attitude of acceptance of who they are and the skin they are in. Their confidence “shows”. A model is often chosen wearing ” confidence” so why not a mature model more so?

                     Photo Credit with Kind Permission Catherine Grace O’Connell Forever Fierce Media

                                                    No person in this photo who is female is under 50!


Are the advertisers working quickly enough?


Advertisers are still meeting the audience of  millennial and younger predominantly, older women can often seem to think. But they do want them to hurry up and “get wise”. It is high time many think that advertisers did a review and reflect. Older women would love advertisers to really have a balance with the older generation including the curvy and petite ones. Grey hair in the mix too with the ordinary everyday woman. We also don’t all need to stamp out the “natural” looks we have now. To be fair – the advertisers realise the growing (and huge) market and the shift has been noticeable. (Finally).


                             Photo Credit with kind permission Fifty Models Therezehina, Rose and Helena


We as older women start to realise that we don’t need to be perfect. That though we have times of “dress ups” we want those in the advertising portal of power to become “educated”. We perhaps with experienced years have learned to play up our (insert best parts). We have reached a time of not worrying too much about what seems to worry the younger generation a great deal. Their lack of security in who they are is an opposing force to ours. Please dear advertisers we would say “get more real”.



                                           Photo credit with kind permission Catherine Grace OConnell  

Clothing is worn by all different types of people. So therefore one could expect a reasonable need to show clothing modelled by an older demographic. With this “Age positive” is the byword, with different perceptions of beauty thrown into the mix.


If you think you could be a model


There are many areas of the mature demographic that you could meet. Isn’t that so with actresses too?  Remember perseverance and patience pays off here as it does with trying to enter into any new industry..


Do your research and organize what you need to meet the criteria. Arm yourself with resources so that you can be prepared and be knowledgeable on what your goal is

                                             Photo Credit with kind permission Fifty Models Deborah

Some of the Agencies who employ the mature woman


It has been said you are never too old to model. So take that to heart if modelling is something that you think you would like to try your hand at Joining an agency is the first place to start and organising a portfolio is what you will need. Each agency might have different requirements – so a little forethought here is necessaries.

Here are some Agencies for examples::


Silverfox MGMT Group In Australia/New Zealand  one of the first model agencies to take on the mature woman.

Models Direct Takes all kinds of models including mature women

Real Models All ages, all shapes, all cultural backgrounds.

Grey Model Agency  Beautiful aging models

BMA Model Agency Classic Older model agency

Fifty models Mostly 50 year old models and well over (Brazil)


                                                          Photo used with kind permission – Marcelle

Mature female model

                                                      Photo used with kind permission – Marcelle


Finally on a Positive Note for the Future


The world is expanding in many areas so thankfully in the role of where women fit. There are many areas that have been questioned and people don’t often settle for stereotypes.

Many have struggled to believe in themselves – but you don’t need to. The perfect environment for the mature model to take her place!

Remember that the younger generation need to see older women – in the model placement field – not just youth dominated areas to gain a balance. Particularly with many inbalances in how outward beauty is seen.  You are then a bonus in society if the “shoe fits you” and you choose to be an older model…

Remember that Beauty is without age and I believe we can grow more beautiful with time and wisdom. So wear your inner beauty on your face – it is the best make-up for a modelling career choice.

                                        Photo Credit with Kind permission Fifty Models – Brazil  – Valeria 

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