50 Ways To Pamper Yourself: That aren’t Expensive

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Ever want to spend more time pampering yourself – but the budget was a bit tight? Here are some simple things you can include that are painless penny pinching. You will find some tips to pamper yourself in the cooler seasons and some also that work better in warmer seasons. Either way I’m sure you will be able to not only borrow from these little or mini pamper sessions but extend them as well!


1) Get some Epsom Salts – a compound of magnesium and sulphate. This is delightful to bathe in. For the budget  – buying it in bulk is cost effective. Pop in a cup full into a warm to hot bath so it will dissolve. Any aches or pains will “melt” away. It is said to relax you mentally and physically. I can attest to that since I often take an Epsom Bath in winter with many relaxing results. You feel so good! If you don’t have a bath – have some in a foot bath. If you can’t afford the Epsom salts – very warm water can be just as pampering.  If a drop of oils is out of the question – go looking for some herbs. Rosemary is a particular favourite of mine and is so hardy. If you want a smell sensation – pop some Rosemary under your grill for 2 minutes only and the beautiful smell quickly wafts through your home. (Also great if you burn something!) To me – many times practising the “simple life” and becoming accepting of that, pays dividends if our choices are limited..


2) If it’s a nice warm day – go and wash your sheets and hang them out to dry. Then make up your bed while they are still warm. Have a lovely afternoon siesta with the delicious feel of those warm sheets.


3) This one takes a little bit of extra work – but you will enjoy the luxury. Iron your sheets! Then slip between the covers at the end of the day. Ultimate luxury!


2)  This is a night time exercise (also a good one if you can’t sleep well and it’s not something too serious where you need to chat your Doctor). Rub gently your outer thighs or your stomach. Breathe in slowly a little deeper than normal. Think on things that are lovely and a blessing. Let the negative thoughts or continual thoughts go.


5) Fragrance and creams. Organise a swap night. Invite your girlfriends and other ladies around to try out creams and fragrances that they may not have tried before that you use yourself. Have fun applying and exchanging tips.


6) While we are on the topic of swaps – have an inter-change of services. Let your female friends do your nails and you swap and do theirs. Something is so very  “pamper-filled” when someone is doing something for you.


7) Let’s talk hair. Let someone wash and blow dry your hair. You need not return the favour at the same time – but do it later on. Honestly – hair “work” is a plus when pampering is involved.

8) A sweet simple Smoothie or Milkshake goes down well and is good for you. This one only takes a little amount of time to whip up:

.1 to 1 1/2 cups milk

1 teaspoon raw honey

1 banana  

 Blend till a smoothie or milkshake consistency. This is lovely by itself – but you can

use it as a foundation and add strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, figs or any other type

of fruit that blends easily that you have on hand.

Enjoy for an afternoon or after dinner treat.

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9) Putting your bare feet on the lawn. This is better in Spring and Summer particularly. Feeling the grass beneath your feet is said to have health benefits too. If you don’t have any lawn at home – go and visit a park.


10) Go window shopping. It’s an art form and can help you learn about not spending but just to observe the new things in shop displays and get ideas. Lots of ideas!.


11) Go to lesser known spots in your local area. There are many that you will find that are free and getting outdoor areas as well that are a boost to your health.


12) Dance to music on your own living room floor. It’s great for health in quite a few ways and gives you a sense of togetherness if with someone you love..


13) Watch a comedy. Laughing is a definite pamper activity. Enjoy.


14) Take a friend and go to a museum. Explore life in another realm and become educated at the same time. Time away from the usual is a boost.


15) Do the cooking of a fabulous dessert and then sit down and eat it. A treat – particularly when shared in the company of others.


16) Go and pat a “fur baby” – particularly if you don’t have one yourself. They lap it up – and you find it comes with “benefits”. Your health of course!


17) Soak your feet in fairly warm water with a dash of lavender. Sit and relax in the warmth of this foot bath. A Foot spa is another alternative with a drop or two of oil  – particularly if you use one or can borrow temporarily from a friend.


18) Give yourself a scalp massage. Even though it is just great if someone else can do it for you (think husband, sister, friend) – you can be as equally relaxing when you self-administer


19) Go outside (good weather permitting) and lay outside and drink in the blue of the sky and any puffy clouds. Relaxing, period.


20) In our world of technology – go backwards. Take in some paper! Read some magazines – home and garden, cooking and recipes – you get the picture! They don’t have to be new either – and recycling and reusing is great!. Haven’t you heard?


21) Give yourself the gift of a plant cutting or flowers from someone else’s garden. From friends, family or if neighbours – don’t forget to ask. The reward is either flowers in a vase or a possible new plant springing up sometime in the future. I once advertised for some Lilies on Facebook – meant for someone special and I wanted to pay for them. The lady was very kind – would take no payment and we have become friends with the family and now give and take in what we can do for each other.


22) There are heaps and heaps of arts and crafts you can do. I find myself doing practical ones – ie making handcrafted cards or sewing which pay dividends and save in other ways. What craft can you “bring on” that gives you time out to yourself and feel pampered with “your time”?


23) This is something where you think of someone else and you do it over the space of a day. Choose a day where you are going to go out in public. Choose 5 people to smile at. This apparently increase Endorphins by the act of you smiling. The “feel good” hormone. Now you can have that hormone work without even having someone to smile at – but why not share?


24)  Do something as simple as doing your hair, your make-up (if you wear it) and changing your outfit to one that makes you feel good. Bright colours can be good for a chirpy cheer up or pastels if you feel the need to think serene perhaps.

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25) If you are in a busy environment – take time out to be apart and have that quiet time.


26) Listen or read of someone who inspires you. No matter what field that may be that interests you go on a hunt for those who are mines of inspiration.


27) Prepare a meal to have by candlelight. Have the table setting attractive if you wish and take time out being in a loved ones company.


28) Spend time with a young child. Take in their innocence and revel in their simpleness and joy. Don’t have any other “needs” on in that time period.


29) Start a pictorial journal or scrapbook. Clip out pictures of gardens, happy people and their celebrations, colourful items like decor or paintings, food recipes and anything to bring colour into your life.


30) Spend some time (not too hot) basking in the sunlight. Make sure it’s not in the over-hot parts of the day. It feels delicious on your skin when it is light sunlight and is very helpful in numerous ways for your body’s wellness


31) Take time to blend up some greens to eat for a change. It’s possibly better to eat greens – but sometimes for an energy boost having them in a drink is a plus. It’s a pamper “plus” for your body.


32)  Get a little dish and fill with hot water.  Grab some herbs from your garden – think rosemary, mint, thyme for example or citrus peel or any kind and steam your face by bending over the dish with a towel over the top of your head.  Do this one every so often – rather than regularly – but it helps make your skin feel “delicious”. One is calling me now!


33) Ring a friend who you know is a good listener and pass by her some things that you have on your mind. Whether it is troubling things or your want feedback on some future goals that you have in mind – it is good to have such a resource.


34) Massage swap is an ultimate in pampering. The nice part is particular when it’s your turn. Whether it hands, feet or full body – be prepared to “give” in return.


35) Go and buy some berries or fruit that you don’t normally purchase because of costing. Remember they are still food for your body and it’s something simple you can enjoy that you don’t do everyday.

36)  For those who read and need time out. Get that book you’ve been meaning to read. Make sure that you make enough time to really immerse yourself in it.


37)  Listen to some of your favourite music. Often we don’t realise when we don’t take time to do this. You can sing at the same time!


38) Do a Random Act of Kindness. This is always on my husband’s list to do for me and others. I know it often helps the giver than the receiver. Try it!


39) Play a board game that you like and takes your mind off any troubles you may have.


40) Take time out to read some blogs without anything else interfering. What is a good thing to do here – is pop a collection down when you come across them in a file folder and have the links ready when you are ready to read. Without distraction.


41) Take a walk close to home and end it in a picnic with a friend or friends or family.

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42) Take time out to pray – to really give yourself up to it. Maybe that is in a quiet place, in nature or where others who can spiritually meet with you.


43)  Take an afternoon nap – if you have a hammock – even better but under a shady tree is a plus too.


44) Go and hug a huge tree. Revel in the majesty and awesomeness of this huge marker of nature’s gift.


45) Put some indoor plants inside (in the case of bad weather) and revel in this touch of greenery in your life even if you can’t get outside just yet.


46) Don’t say no to a treat every so often – whether it’s chocolate or ice cream. Eat it slowly and enjoy – let the guilts go. Some older people have said “Less beans and more ice cream.”


47) Go for a swim – particularly if it’s in a heated pool in winter – they may even have an adjacent jet bath pool to enjoy.


48) Use some oatmeal (ground) with some honey and apply for a face mask. You could also use a little Rhassoul clay – which doesn’t work out expensive since you can use it for your hair as well. I also have used cucumbers for the eye area at the same time. Whatever you use – have it as a time to pamper your face.


50) Just stop for a 10 minute period and revel in peacefulness. Quietness and drinking in “just now” and being at peace is something serene. If only we realised it and were more full of gratitude for it.


There you have it. 50 ideas to feel pampered inexpensively. I’m sure there are many that you can incorporate. Plus I thought I would add an extra one – because there’s nothing like getting a bonus in life!


51)  Make a list of people on Social Media or Email to say Hi to. By phone is even nicer or though video messaging. I do this regularly. You will get a nice response back and that is one of the great benefits of our technological age. We can build relationships even when away from people..If you want – message me or email me on deborah@deborahhunterkells.com or leave a comment below.


Most of all be kind to yourself in little and big ways. You are meeting your needs in the emotional, mental and physical realms, and that is a good thing.   Don’t over-do or micro-manage your life events. Think serene and be kind to others too.


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