Reducing the Costs of Being a Wedding Guest

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Most of us have a wave of weddings in our mid 20’s. Suddenly everyone we’ve ever met seems to be getting married, and throughout the year we receive a wealth of wedding invitations. Nowadays, however, it doesn’t stop when we hit thirty. Many of your friends and family members will get married more than once, some even more than twice. You might be remarried yourself. Then also as you get older you have family members and younger people where you choose to attend Weddings of as well. While weddings are a wonderful event, and we all love to join our friends and family to celebrate their special day and to help them to make it perfect, they are expensive. And not just for the couple in question. The cost of being a wedding guest can be absolutely extortionate. To the point that if you’ve got more than one wedding to attend in a short period, you might start to worry about the costs, and wonder if you can afford to attend them all. Then, you can start to feel trapped. You want to attend, and help to make their day special, while not ruining your own personal finances, or having to scrimp on your own special events and occasions, but nor do you want to appear cheap. So, let’s take a look at some ways to reduce the costs of being a wedding guest.


Find the Right Outfit


Many of us are guilty of buying new formal dresses, shoes, bags and even things like underwear, makeup and hair accessories for every event that we attend. While there’s nothing better than shopping for a special outfit, it can blow the vast majority of your budget before you’ve even considered anything else. There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit twice. Nor is there anything wrong with other people seeing you in the same outfit twice. Buy one, quality formal dress, in a colour and style that suits you, fits well and you like to wear. Then, if you want to look different to every occasion, dive into your wardrobe to find accessories and things like pashminas, scarves, bags, and hats to change your look without breaking the bank. But, try to never, ever buy something that you will only wear once.


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Avoid the Gift Registry


There’s no rule that you have to buy the couple a gift, but you’ll probably want to. Even then, however, you don’t need to buy them something from their list. See that more as a guide if everything is costly. Instead, think of your skills. Could you make them a gift? Or find something from a local artist or designer that is meaningful but inexpensive?. If you do want to buy something more expensive, see if any other friends want to go in on it with you. You’re probably not the only person looking to save money after all. Alternatively, if you can’t think of a gift and the list is too expensive, buy them a gift card or just give a small amount of money. If you don’t know the couple that well, or your budget is very tight, there’s nothing at all wrong with just offering a thoughtful card, perhaps with a meaningful poem inside.


Team Up for Transport


Families rarely live in the same area for their whole lives anymore. We move house, we live in different cities or even countries, and most of us don’t go home to marry. This can mean that travelling to attend someone’s wedding is also very expensive. If you need accommodation for the night, make sure that you look around early, making the most of early booking discounts and try not to stay in their wedding venue, which is probably more expensive, instead opting for an out of town inn or budget hotel. When it comes to travelling, try to do it in a group. If there’s a few of you, travel in one car instead of all paying for fuel. Or, consider hiring a car and splitting the cost instead of paying for public transport. You can even share a cab back to your accommodation when the party’s over.


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It’s Ok to Say No


Weddings are great fun. But, don’t feel like you have to attend every one that you are invited to. If a wedding is just too far away, and you’d have to take time off work to attend, or it would cost you too much to get there, say no and don’t feel guilty about it. The couple will understand your reasons, and yours will be one less meal for them to pay for.


Remember to Count all of the Costs


The main problem with being a wedding guest on a budget is that people fail to realise or budget for the true cost. They save money on their outfit and the gift but fail to plan for transport, accommodation, childcare, drinks and food and any other expenses. Budget for everything and you’ll have an easier time controlling your cash.

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