What Do Your Garden Boundaries Say About You?

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We all know that the way we style our home and its surroundings says a great deal about us. The decor decisions we make inside the house reveal what we do and don’t like. When people step into our homes, they walk right into our creative visions.A sense of atmosphere is another term that can relate.


In many ways, though, gardens are even more revealing. They are out there for everyone to see, and most of us are all aware of that during the design and layout. Every flower and plant we arrange in our outside spaces says something about the people we are. And, as we’ll be discussing here, our garden boundaries also say a fair amount about us.


That’s why we’re going to break down the three main boundaries, and the messages each send. While they all have their pluses, it’s vital you know what those messages are. So, keep on reading to find out.


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Fencing is a standard option, and for a good reason. With something like a white picket fence, especially, this will send the message that you care. It also brings the benefit of providing everyone else a chance to see your stunning garden. Other options, like steel fences, could also work to draw the eye. Keeping your fence low can also show that you’re an open and friendly asset on your street. Your choice of fencing should not be made lightly. Do a bit of research to see what fits in with you and your personality if that is the way you want to go. If you have a stunning garden which you’re more than happy to show off, then, it’s worth looking at fencing contractor quotes to achieve the fence of your dreams. Your garden and your neighbours will thank you for it. Don’t forget to gain ideas from Pinterest , other people’s choices and gardening magazines. It’s worth your time not to make a hasty decision when a fence is something you will have for a long time.





On the other end of the scale are hedges. These have long been a staple in garden design, and they’re ideal for the private gardener. A solid boundary like this means that people won’t be able to peak in as they pass by. As long as you keep your hedge well-trimmed, this is also a way to show people you take pride outside. A hedge boundary can also be ideal for nature lovers, as it’s the most natural boundary offering there is. Even better, many birds love to nest in hedges just like these. That makes a garden hedge the ideal way to appeal to nature while ensuring passersby don’t see everything you’re doing. Remember it is quite the “eco-friendly option”. 




Last, on the boundary list are walls. These are idea for the gardener who wants an easy-care option which is sure to stand the test of time. A well-cemented wall barrier is undoubtedly going to stand the test of time. And, by taking your time choosing the right bricks, you can ensure that it looks the part, too. Again, this is an option which provides privacy. It’s also the ideal pick for the gardener who doesn’t want too much hassle.




As you can see, each boundary sends a very different message and suits a very different gardener. Hence why you should spend as long if not more on this choice as you did on your flower beds before it. All the better for getting the garden you want while also sending the right message.

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Your garden says a great deal about how you set it up - but what do your garden boundaries reveal? You will find the choices here.
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