What Sort of Concrete Garage Should you Choose?

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A concrete garage is a great addition to any property. The building provides huge benefits in terms of storage and is extremely practical. However, a garage can also offer style as well as practicality. There are many different concrete garages available for you to choose from. You should give this decision a fair bit of deliberation. At the end of the day, this building is going to be a part of your home. You want to make sure that it looks good and adds to your property’s beauty. So, what type of concrete garages can you choose from?


Apex concrete garage


Apex garages are one of the more popular styles. Companies like Con-Tek Integrated Services often prepare concrete for this type of garage. The design is distinctive via the roof of the garage. The roof boasts a triangular type appearance. The peak meets in the middle whilst either side slopes downwards. This roof design offers practicality because it means that ladders and alike can be stored in the eaves of the roof. It is also beneficial because any rainwater will slide down the roof rather than gather on top of it. In addition to this, the style is highly versatile too. This is the type of garage that will look well placed in any home. Furthermore, you can add extras to this type of garage in order to create a unique look. Consider different door designs and the possibility of adding windows too.


House with Closed garage

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Double concrete garage


As you may have guessed from the name; a double garage is practically the case of two in one. You will be able to store two cars in this garage and therefore the space on offer is vast. This is not only good for those households who have two cars, but it is also good for individuals who live in areas whereby car parking space is practically impossible to get a hold of. When people come to visit you they won’t have to circle the place you live for hours looking for a space. Double garages also look great as well. They have a commanding and striking appearance. If you opt for a stylish design, then your garage can actually become a statement feature of your outdoor space.


Attached concrete garage


An attached concrete garage is one that is securely bolted to the side of your home. This is the ideal solution for those who do not have a lot of outdoor space surrounding their property. Furthermore, even if you do have a large outside area, you may not wish to utilise the majority of this in order to house a garage. No other type of garage makes as good a use of space as an attached one does. The compact style is a firm favourite amongst many as it looks neat and tidy. Sometimes when a garage is freestanding it can look a little bit out of place. However, you need not worry about this when it comes to an attached garage because it effectively becomes an extension of your home.


Sloping concrete garage


Similarly to the apex garage, the differentiation between a sloping garage and the other styles lies within the design of the roof. A sloping garage boasts a roof that slopes from the front to the back. The look of this garage is a lot more simplistic from the front view. This is a quality a lot of people like. Because the design is rather minimalistic you may choose to add a pop of personality with a bright coloured door. Or you can play to the design of the garage and keep it simple. The choice is of course yours.


Hopefully, this article will have given you a better idea regarding the different style options at your disposal when choosing to add a concrete garage to your home. Of course, the main factor you need to consider when selecting a garage is practicality. Nonetheless, this does not mean that appearance should be overlooked. After all, your garage is going to be an extension of your home, and nobody wants an awful looking building situated on their land. Thankfully with the great design choices at your disposal, this should not be an issue.


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