How to Create a Garden You’ll Want to Spend Time in This Summer

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Is your garden feeling a little neglected? If so, you’ll probably want to do something about that as we move into summer. It would be a shame for your garden to go to waste during the summer months; these are the weeks and months of the year in which you want to enjoy the weather and make the most of what your garden has to offer.


Luckily, there are lots of things you can do and changes you can make that’ll turn your garden into the kind of outdoor space you’ll actually enjoy spending time in. It doesn’t have to take lots of hard work and the kinds of changes you make should be specific to your needs and your garden. But here are some ideas to help you get the ball rolling.


Work on the View


When you sit down in your garden and cast your gaze over what lies in front of you, you want to see something presentable and aesthetically pleasing. If you see an old fence with rotting wood panels and a flower bed with more weeds than flowers, that’s probably not going to make you want to spend more time out there. So, work on the view and try to make the garden as presentable and as aesthetically pleasing as it can be. It’ll make a real difference.


Create a Dedicated Eating Space


If you want to spend more time out in your garden, you’ll want to make it social and suited to eating and drinking with friends throughout the summer. That’s why you’ll need a dedicated eating space that you can enjoy. Maybe you could create a patio area with a little cover above, a table and chairs. That way, you’ll have a social hub in your garden and a place to socialize with friends and family when they come over this summer. It’ll provide your garden with more of a purpose.


Invite Wildlife Into the Garden


A big part of improving your garden will be about making it feel alive and vibrant. If it’s neither of those things are presently in place, your garden might start to feel like it’s lacking something and that’s obviously not what you want. You can change all of that by inviting more wildlife into your garden. It’s done by adding feeders for animals and birds and seeing what you can do to make your garden a more hospitable place for all kinds of creatures.


Hire Landscaping Professionals to Work on Your Garden


If your garden is lacking structure and planning, it might be a good idea to find landscaping professionals who can help you change all that. There are lots of reliable professionals out there who’ll be able to help you with this and their work could make a bigger change to your garden than you ever imagined. Good landscaping work is invaluable when it comes to improving your garden, making it more presentable and turning into a space you really want to make use of.


Improve the Outdoor Lighting Options


Lighting is also important because if you’re going to be spending long summer nights out in your garden with friends, you want to make sure that you’re able to carry on past sunset. With some lights that bring your garden to life after hours, the party will be able to carry on for as long as you can stay awake. There are lots of lighting options from small fairy lights to lanterns and bigger solar battery operated lights. It’s up to you which you choose.


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Add Water


A water feature can bring something completely new and interesting to your garden. If you’ve been worried about your garden feeling a little boring and stifled, you can really make it feel more appealing by adding a water fountain, a pond or something like that. Not only does this make your garden seem more peaceful and tranquil, but it can also add a focal point to your garden, which is something that it might have been lacking previously.


Plant a Variety of Flowers


Your garden should have a variety of flowers and plants that bring color and vibrancy to your space. This helps to make the garden feel more lively and visually appealing, and it’s what we associate with great gardens. There are so many different types of flowers you can plant, but it’s worth coming up with some sort of strategy so that the overall outcomes you achieve feel more unified. You could organize things so that the colors match one another and blend nicely, for instance.


Make Use of Trees and Shrubs Too


Trees and shrubs should never be overlooked because they offer all kinds of benefits to a garden. They can make the garden feel more private if it currently feels a little overlooked by surrounding homes. Trees and shrubs also offer an affordable way to make your garden feel better organized and populated. You can prune and shape them to make them look neat and in keeping with what you’re trying to achieve in the garden too. Don’t hesitate to look into the options and start planting new ones if you feel your garden is currently lacking them.


Add Comfort and Relaxation Options


Finally, you need to make sure that your garden offers plenty in the way of comfort and relaxation. After all, you’ll probably want to relax when you spend time out there in the summer. If you don’t have comfortable chairs or loungers, you’ll find spending time out there less appealing to you than it should be. You might also want to add a hammock to the garden if you really want to push the boat out and make it a truly relaxing space in which to spend your summer weekends.


Your garden is a place that should be used and appreciated on a consistent basis. If that’s not happening, it’s obvious that your garden is falling short in one way or another, so consider making the changes discussed above. Summer is always so much more enjoyable when you can spend time in your garden. 

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