What Are We Going to Do With all the Bric-a-Brac We Have?

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I don’t know about you – but I notice a great deal with the older generation there seems to be large collections of bric-a-brac or small ornaments around our homes. I know that often these pieces can have cherished memories for the owners in many cases. But then with these small pieces of memorabilia how much is too much? Is dust collectors going to be the main thing they are known as? Plus what can be done to what is seemingly an over-abundance of items which seems to have no reasonable usefulness to the next generation? I mean I have been handed down objects from my mother (still alive and well) and I’m not sure what to do with those items since things stop with me. Some of the items I don’t even look at – do you find that?


Habits of older generations

I know that I have different family members who have different habits of collecting. Whether it’s out with the old and in with the new or holding onto things until what’s old is new again – we seem to have habit patterns that stick. Whether for good or bad I have learned from both of these whether the letting go or waiting for the cycle to come forward again. Plus also learning from Marie Kondo’s method of tidying up your home (or at least simplifying with what you have). I guess we really need to assess whether items bring us joy and we need to realise how many are doing that and whether we have “too” many – particularly of those smaller items.


Being from a so called older generation I see that collectibles is something that we have just done in life. This can be souvenirs, the types of gifts that were given, to things that we wanted on display on our mantles. And boy – do I see some loaded mantles and shelves in some of the homes of the very much older people!.


What happens with those items?

Sad though it is to say many of the items that people have cherished will meet a “land-fill” ending. The people will be gone. People will look over those same cherished items in an entirely different manner and they will be mostly overlooked except perhaps by some other older generational person looking for something that works with what they have.


Is that you? Already the older generation is re-buffing any attempts to inherit any of the heirloom furniture of their parents. So how much more so the “small stuff”.  The younger generation don’t even want to keep their own memorabilia. So why would they want any of our bric-a-brac either? Makes you think doesn’t it – how things are changing.


Learn from this

We can see that putting our love into our possessions is not a wise thing to do. Maybe the younger generation has just changed their focus and put it towards new technology mostly instead. We have the similarities of human nature after all.


While we may not want to donate Great Aunt’s miniature antique prized jug, or some highly prized small crockery – this might be a time of having a clean up and clean out. Remember since it’s really the end of the line often from where we are it is time to “get real”. Don’t leave the clean up of your home to others if there are some particular items that are prized and worthwhile. Do something with them. Sell them. Donate to a museum (Gulp!) Donate them to Thrifts shops. Just start simple methods of seeing whether what you have in small items of decoration may have met it’s time. .

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