In our fast-paced lives, we rarely take a moment to stand still, listen to our body and recognize our needs. Sometimes we push too hard, and we forget to relax and enjoy some moments. It can at times be hard to recognize when you need to stop for a bit, but these signs will definitely tell you just that.


Tiredness and how to deal with it


Juggling between work, friends, hobbies, gym and much more is truly exhausting. The consequence of a hectic lifestyle is often tiredness because of lack of sleep, which leads to the inability to function normally on a daily basis. There is no point in pushing yourself when you reach this state. A better option is to rest and move on when you feel recharged. However, this doesn’t solve your problem in the long run. What you can do is organize your time better, delegate your work, and not let everything fall on you. Or combine seeing your friend at a mutual work-out session and that way, you did both.


Use training to energize your body



Although it may sound contradictory, working out even when you have a crazy schedule can be beneficial for you. You train your body to endure, to be more flexible, and what’s even more, you are keeping your health by strengthening your muscles, including the heart muscle. Of course, don’t cross your limit. You can try to learn more about personal training, which will help you stay focused, motivated and more importantly, guide you so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. With regular workouts, you will feel good, energized and happy, which certainly leads to a better lifestyle in general. 


Indulge and pamper yourself from time to time when you feel exhausted


We normally can’t afford to do something for ourselves every day, and that is quite alright. Indulging from time to time makes it all the more pleasurable and enjoyable. A spa treatment with a relaxing massage, a facial or sauna will have great effects, and both men and women can enjoy it. If you, however, want a more private atmosphere, you can create that in the comfort of your own home. A hot tub may sound like a luxury, but it is worth it. It has positive effects on your health because it reduces pain and tension. It can also help you sleep. Besides all the health reasons, it is a great way to relax with some candles and a glass of wine or beer, whichever you like. So, you are taking care of your mind as well as your body.


Take a personal day to do the things you like when you are under stress



Taking a personal day doesn’t necessarily mean taking one from work, rather setting one day aside just for you and practicing self-care. No friends, family, work or phones. There are no right or wrong choices with this one. If you enjoy reading a book under a lamp, do it. If you want to turn up the volume and dance to your favorite music in your underwear, that is also great. You can even cry watching a romantic movie and eat the biggest bowl of ice-cream, and it will still be self-care. It may sound selfish to someone, but it is actually necessary for your soul as well as mental health.


Practice yoga or meditation when you feel tense


Stress and tenseness are normal feelings that happen every day. You can successfully deal with them by practicing any of the previous activities, but yoga and meditation can help you learn how to live like that every day. By concentrating on a specific object or feeling, you can get into a meditative state at least for 10 minutes in the beginning. Learn to take slow, deep breaths and turn off the world around you. With each session, increase the time, and after a while, you will learn to deal with stress and tenseness more efficiently. Yoga can help you get in touch with your body and be more flexible and stronger.


Whenever you feel overwhelmed, tired, disappointed or even sad, it is time to do something for you. It may mean taking small steps each day or a big one, once in a few months, but the important thing is to give your mind and body what it needs when you feel like you are reaching your limit. These few steps can help you significantly and improve the quality of your everyday life.


Peter Minkoff is a lifestyle and health editor at HighStyleLife magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.


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Taking time out to relax is never wasted. Check out why and these tips.
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