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You don’t have to be in NYC during Fashion Week to see fashion firsthand. In the Big Apple, fashion is everywhere around you – in amazing restaurants, cafés, galleries, or simply passing by you on the street. There’s a reason why New York belongs to the ‘Big Four’ in the category of fashion capitals of the world. According to The Balance, this majestic city “has over 5,000 fashion showrooms—more than any other city in the world—and hosts over 75 major fashion trade shows and market weeks (including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) each year.” There are very few people in the world, especially fashion-obsessed ones who aren’t enchanted by the city and have it on their bucket list. So, read on, soak in all the hotspots that are a must-see for every fashionista, and we promise, you’ll be purchasing a ticket for this destination within minutes. 


The once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience



Once you’re in New York, it’s understandable that shopping will take up a huge point (and a time-consuming one) on your travel agenda. The first store you absolutely must visit is Bergdorf Goodman. To call this place an institution would not be an overstatement, as it is a beacon of old-school luxury and features not only high-end designer pieces (couture and bridal selection included). Barneys should also be on your list. There is, of course, the iconic line of luxury stores on Fifth Avenue that you at least must see even if you don’t intend on buying anything there. If you’re keen on taking a more avant-garde shopping experience, then the Dover Street Market will be your ‘house of worship’ as it is home to labels, such as Kawakubo’s Comme des Garçons. Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the eco-conscious fashionistas. For you, the Holy Grail of the shopping universe will definitely be a place called In Support Of. You’ll find this eco-friendly nook in the Meatpacking District and be able to enjoy brands such as Apiece Apart, Nikki Chasin, and Tosia. The best part though is the fact that every time you shop here, you’re actually making a small difference in the world as this store is dedicated to helping a different charity every year – hence the name. Finally, there’s a little something for those who adore all things vintage. Your vintage shopping bucket list definitely must include Procell, Ritual Vintage (which we love for its uniqueness and the fact that they have pieces dating back to 1850s), as well as New York Vintage and the flamboyant and slightly quirky and eccentric Allan & Suzi. The list of places to shop in New York could take up an entire book, but these are virtually iconic places that you’ll be able to swing during the not-so-long visits. 


Coffee, wining, dining, lunching and brunching



With so many incredible restaurants and cafés in this fashion capital, and new ones emerging every day, it’s difficult to narrow things down, but we’ll try. First of all, you must do everything in your power to indulge yourself in many amazing cocktails and spirits this city offers, because when it comes to mixology in NYC, Alchemiq never fails to deliver the highest-quality experience. The second place you must see is the Russian Tea Room, simply because it doesn’t get more New York than that. For a supreme brunch experience, turn to Bluestone Lane Collective Café.

Now, everyone has been going nuts for matcha tea, and if you’re one of the avid fans of this powerful green tea variant, Chalait is a place you don’t want to skip. As for wining and dining, make sure you check out the list of the 38 hottest restaurants du jour and take your pick. You won’t be able to visit them all – there are 38 after all, but make some cuts and go to those that appeal to your style and preferences.


Sights and arts



When it comes to sights, everyone knows where to go – the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center. Now, for art and history, a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a once in a lifetime experience. There is, of course, the inevitable Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim but also small, indie galleries that are definitely worth your attention. 


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