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We all make life decisions that affect our everyday life and business is a major one of them. Many businesses fall apart in a short space of time.  So it may be that you’ve got a “rosy” picture of what blogging is all about and you choose to make it a business. I mean it is so much touted online that you need a blog – all those quips can’t be wrong can they? A Blog  can often fail through mismanagement and lack of education, financial factors, lack of market research or a downturn in the market for instance. Think of your blogging as a business if it’s more than a hobby to you and something that you want to be more than “hit or miss”.  Like any business with blogging there are a minefield of pitfalls that can occur when very new to the game.  


Do your research and get educated


With blogging – doing research is important but it can only take you so far. (Who hasn’t seen that in the case of having children? You can only research up to a certain point and then all these new problems and a great big learning curve are in your lap). In this case blogging is something that you have to be responsible about once it’s “your baby”. 


Hint: If you realise that there are said to be 1.6 billion websites in the world and that 500 million are recognised to be blogs – you realise there is quite a bit of information out there to help you.


But before getting into the thick of it as you research – don’t just look for the positive. Do some reviews and get feedback on the other side of the fence. Since there are a great deal of blogs out there (and don’t always listen to the first one promising an income of $1,000’s in the first 3 months!), you do need to get a variety of input. 


Frequent blogging groups, and ask questions of others and chat with anyone who has gone down the tube of failure – which happens as I noted above. I made a decision to take a free course which also had me covered for legalities (I did quite a bit of scouting around before finding it and had already completed other courses beforehand.. I was pleased as punch when I find that the blogging course was not only very helpful and so easy to follow and also that the legalities side was a lot less expensive than any I had found out there). I don’t have affiliate links for the above – I just had a great experience and felt it worth sharing.


Have a budget but make use of free courses


With knowledge is power. So ask around before committing to that or this course, programme or plugin. My decision to do this free course ended up being one of the best I had made after wading through a few. It was so well communicated that I found it a breeze. (I often lack with some of my understanding if something is new to me)


My recommendation is – when you start – get by on the bare necessities till you gain even more knowledge with finding out what is more proficient in the blogging world. This means you will be doing quite a bit of reading.


So you’ve started your blog



There are a number of things you can do wrong and it’s helpful to have someone you can gain honest feedback on your blog, your posts and where you’re headed. If they think your posts are boring or not exciting enough to want to read them – chances are others will think the same. 


It can be a challenge to keep educated on such things as getting more blog traffic, learning about SEO with Google, including the legalities with your blog and being a Girl Friday in all the organising that needs doing to keep it afloat.


When you hit overwhelm


Yes – this can happen. Your site goes down or plays up. You forgot to backup and you need an unaltered original. Worse you can’t get the backup to work. You are stuck for things you want to post about on your blog. Your site is slow or you have a malware problem – that’s where you want a well-priced, efficient and understanding person to help out. I found one! and yes I tried a few.


Talk it out with someone in the know also who has the time. A mentor is also very helpful in this case. Someone who’s started and is walking successfully the paid blogging journey.


Finally take note it’s a Learning curve


Like anything new in life you have a learning curve ahead of you. It’s rather like taking note – ‘When you were first born – could you walk?” Well you get your answer – you have some steady onward and upward learning to do. Even I – as a novice blogger continue to learn most everyday  Remember overall blogging can be worth your effort


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